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The Psychic Twins World Predictions 2015-2016 from Beyond the Gate Radio Below:
(All predicted on last year’s 1/6/14 Beyond the Gate show, and this year’s 1/11/15 BTG show)
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Government, Political and Military Scandals

$20 Million Dollar Navy Scandal – Contractor admits to bribing Navy officials with prostitutes, alcohol – 1/16/15
US pulls top Navy official at Gitmo, improper relationship alleged – 1/22/15
Drone crashes at White House - 1/26/15
Buckingham Palace denies sex claims against Prince Andrew – 1/3/15
Leader of KKK David Duke threatens to name politicians with ties to group – 1/2/15
New York state assembly speaker Sheldon Silver arrested on corruption charges, $3.8 million in fraud – 1/22/15 sharing personal date and info with companies – 1/21/15

Economy/ Financial Fraud/ Scandals/ Cyber Attacks

ISIS hacks Defense Department CENTCOM Twitter account, hackers post generals’ home addresses and emails, warns “We are coming.” YouTube page also breached – 1/12/15
After Sony cyber attacks, hackers obliterate Kim Jong Un game – 1/16/15
Gold climbs to four-month high. Gold posts biggest weekly gain in 18 months – 1/16/15
Gold prices climb to highest levels since August as investors move toward gold as a safe haven. Weakening of the Euro – 1/20/15
19,000 French websites hacked since Charlie Hebdo attacks – 1/15/15
Chinese stock market plunges most in 6 years on lending curbs – 1/22/15
Malaysia Airlines website hacked by group claiming to support ISIS – 1/26/15
New York: Fake kidnapping scam - more than 100 New Yorkers targeted – 1/14/15

Terrorism, Lone Wolf Terror Attacks, School Shootings, Riots

Paris, France terror attack: 12 killed, 11 wounded at Charlie Hebdo, French satirical magazine – 1/7/15
Paris, France terror: Police officer dies in shooting following Charlie Hebdo attacks – 1/8/15
Paris, France: Man takes 5 hostages, armed with AK-47s and grenades – 1/16/15
France, Germany and Belgium: More than 2 dozen arrested, 20 sleeper cells of up to 180 people. Warning as Europe scrambles to identify terror threats, returnees from Syria and Iraq - 1/16/15
France, Germany and Belgium foil imminent attacks on police across Europe - 20 sleeper cells planning attacks – 1/16/15
Belgium: 3 killed in raid, police thwart “major terror attacks.” Terrorists were planning to launch attacks on a grand scale in Europe. Militants had recently returned from Syria training camp – 1/15/15
(Predicted on this year’s show 1/11/15)
Barcelona and Madrid, Spain: Spanish police arrest at least 14 in series of raids on anarchist terrorist cells – 1/11/15
Spain: 10 dead, 13 hurt in crash of Greek F-16 jet at base. Most were NATO staff from member countries in Europe – 1/26/15
Spain: 4 arrested on suspicion of planning terror attacks similar to Charlie Hebdo massacre in January – 1/24/15
Australia: Increasing number of women joining ISIS foreign fighters in Iraq, Syria – 1/24/15
Yemen: Al Qaeda terror group claims it directed Paris massacre; cops kill 2 jihadist suspects – 1/9/15
Yemen: Al Qaeda threatens France with new attacks, now called “one of top 3 biggest threats to US” – 1/9/15 (Also predicted 1/11/15)
Yemen: Presidential palace seized by Shiite Houthi rebels – 1/20/15
Yemen Coup: Yemeni President resigns after rebel groups stormed the capital. Cabinet members stepped down from their posts earlier in the day – 1/22/15
Yemen: US pulls more personnel from Yemen embassy following coup – 1/23/15
Yemen: Suicide bomber kills at least 47 in Sanaa Police Academy – 1/7/15
Yemen: Gunmen abduct Yemeni President’s chief of staff in capital – 1/17/15
Screening at airports, federal buildings boosted after Paris attacks – 1/12/15
US: Feds order random searches in airports, after Al Qaeda calls for new attacks on US airliners – 1/14/15 (Predicted on this year’s show 1/11/15)
US airlines get more than 50 online bomb threats since January 17th – 1/29/15
Canada: 3 ISIS recruits from Edmonton killed – 1/14/15 (Predicted on this year’s show 1/11/15)
Ottawa Canada: ISIS video repeatedly calls for Canada attacks to kill civilians – 1/12/15
Ottawa Canada: 3 men arrested in terror plots – 1/12/15 (one day after our prediction about this)
New York: Scientist plotted to build nuke bomb targeting New York electrical grid – 1/28/15
New York: 2 dead including gunman after shooting at crowded Home Depot in Manhattan; shoppers fled for their lives – 1/25/15
New York: Man shot and killed his family and himself – 1/25/15
New York JFK Airport: Police swarm JFK after bomb threat directed at Delta flight – 1/19/15
New York: 2 Yemenis charged in US court over alleged Al Qaeda plot to kill Americans – 1/20/15
California: Bomb scare grounds Delta flight out of LAX – 1/24/15
Seattle, Washington: Bomb threats on 2 flights landing at Seattle’s Sea-Tac Airport – 1/25/15
Ohio: Man plotted terror attack on US Capitol Building, pledged “violent jihad” and plotted to kill Obama; alignment with ISIS – 1/14/15 (predicted 1/11/15)
Ohio: Bartender at John Boehner’s country club indicted for making death threats on House Speaker Boehner – 1/13/15 (Predicted 1/11/15)
Washington, DC: one dead and 84 injured after smoke fills Washington Metro subway station – 1/13/15
Sons of woman who died on DC subway sue Metro transit agency for $50 Million – 1/30/15
Virginia: FBI adds Al-Shabaab recruiter from Virginia to most-wanted terrorist list – 1/30/15
Colorado: Explosion outside Colorado NAACP office, FBI investigates – 1/6/15
Colorado: Unarmed gay teen killed in Denver police shooting – 1/30/15
Massachusetts: Boston hospital shootings – 1 critical and 1 dead in Brigham and Women’s Hospital – 1/20/15
North Carolina: 7 people shot, 2 killed at house party – 1/11/15
North Carolina: 2 flight attendants assaulted on US Airways flight (Charlotte, NC) – 1/30/15
Minneapolis, MN: Delta plane makes emergency landing after pilot is locked out of cockpit – 1/30/15
San Francisco, CA: Officer involved shooting, man shoots 2 officers - 1/1/15
San Francisco, CA: 4 men killed in shootings – 1/10/15
California: Man kills wife, 2 children and himself – 1/3/15
Texas: Doctor is shot, suspect kills himself at Texas Army medical center, Austin TX – 1/6/15
Texas: Hazmat team responds to Texas soldier found dead in Fort Hood yard – 1/13/15
Georgia: Officer among 4 dead in apparent murder-suicide, Atlanta – 1/6/15
Georgia: 2 passenger jets escorted by fighter jets to Atlanta Airport after credible bomb threats on 2 planes – 1/24/15
Minnesota: 2 officers shot, suspect killed in shooting at Minneapolis City Hall meeting – 1/2/15
Minnesota: Gunman killed after shooting 2 officers at Minneapolis area City Hall – 1/27/15
Florida: Violent armed robbery spree in Central Florida leaves mother and daughter dead – 1/16/15
Florida: 2 shooters in mall, one man dies and second man in critical. Police on manhunt – 1/14/15
Florida: Melbourne, Florida mall evacuated after shooting. 2 dead, 2 wounded. Gunman killed – 1/17/15
Kansas City: Owner dies after shootings in gun shop – 3 critically wounded – 1/9/15
Melbourne, Australia: Melbourne man revealed to be fighting with ISIS. His Facebook page contains disturbing messages urging extremists to carry out attacks in Australia – 1/15/15 (Predicted on this
year’s show 1/11/15)
Pakistan: strikes kill 31 militants, drone kills 7 in Peshawar – 1/4/15
Pakistan: 59 dead in bomb blast at Shiite mosque, dozens wounded – 1/30/15
Saudi Arabia: 7 militants arrested over suicide bomb and gun attack at border – 1/9/15
Nigeria: Baga massacre is deadliest in history of Boko Haram - 2,000 killed – 1/9/15 (Also predicted on Matthew Engel’s show 1/7/15)
Nigeria: 200 killed as Boko Haram attacks city in NE Nigeria – 1/25/15
Philippines: Explosion kills 2, leaves 54 wounded in Manila. Militant group Abu Sayyaf suspected – 1/24/15
Nigeria: 10 year-old suicide bomber kills 19, injures 18 in market blast – 1/10/15
Nigeria: 20 killed as protesters burn churches – 1/17/15
Nigeria: 3 Chad soldiers, 123 Boko Haram militants killed in Cameroon – 1/30/15
Nigeria: Boko Haram suicide bomber kills at least 6 in busy market one week after “deadliest-ever” attack – 1/16/15
Iraq: ISIS battle kills 30 Kurds – 1/11/15
Iraq: Market bombings kill 18 around Baghdad – 1/17/15
Iraq: Attacks kill 19 in Baghdad – 1/29/15
Egypt: ISIS militant attacks in Sinai Peninsula leave 30 dead, 36 wounded – 1/29/15
Egypt: 9 killed in Cairo clashes between Islamists, police – 1/25/15
Afghanistan: Gunman kills 3 American contractors in North Kabul Airport – 1/29/15
Afghanistan: Dozens killed, 40 wounded in Taliban attacks on funeral, checkpoint – 1/29/15
UK terror: Stansted Airport arrest, suspect 18 is held – 1/16/15
UK: Russian envoy summoned after bombers fly over English Channel – 1/29/15
Ukraine: Bus attack kills 10 in airport battle – 1/13/15
Ukraine: 12 civilians and 5 troops killed by Russian separatists – 1/30/15
Italy: Italy expels 9 jihadis in terror crackdown – 1/18/15
Japan: ISIS threatens to kill 2 Japanese hostages unless Tokyo pays $200 Million. First time ISIS has threatened Asia instead of the West. – 1/20/15
Japan: ISIS beheads Japanese hostage – 1/31/15 (Predicted 1/11/15)
China: 800 Chinese caught on Vietnam border, seeking jihad training, in one year – 1/19/15
Libya: ISIS group claims responsibility for Tripoli luxury hotel attack that killed 10 – 1/27/15
Philippines: Muslim rebels kill 43 Philippine police commandos in hunt for terror suspect – 1/26/15

Health and Medical Breakthroughs

Alzheimer’s: New brain scan tool for early Alzheimer’s detection – 1/1/15
Alzheimer’s: Nasal spray shows promise as treatment – 1/23/15
Alzheimer’s: Asian Ayervedic herb Ashwagandha may reverse Alzheimer’s disease – 1/27/15
Cancer: Random gene mutations primary cause of most cancer – 1/2/15
Cancer: Study identifies new targeted treatment strategy for aggressive cancers – 1/15/15
Cancer: Proton therapy may be “magic bullet” for cancer – 1/22/15
Cancer: Designed molecules trap molecules in deadly cages but spare healthy ones – 1/22/15
Diabetes: Google creates glucose monitoring contact lenses – 1/18/15
Paralysis: New science helps a paralyzed man move his legs for the first time in years – 1/6/15
Superbugs: Game-changing antibiotic discovery by US scientists (NE University in Boston) – 1/7/15
Superbugs: London scientists find antibiotic that may kill superbugs -1/7/15
Brain: Brain scans could help doctors predict your behavior – 1/13/15
Obesity: FDA approves appetite-zapping implant for obese patients – 1/14/15
ADHD: Drug could be the answer for binge eating disorder – 1/14/15
Autism: Innovative intervention helps babies at high risk of autism – 1/23/15
Blindness: “Magic” glasses could let the color blind see colors – 1/15/15
Blindness: Legally blind woman is given sight with new glasses, advanced computing for those with vision loss – 1/23/15
Organ breakthrough: Lab grown, first contracting human muscle grown in lab at Duke University – 1/13/15

Earthquakes/ Extreme Weather/ Mega Storms

Northern California: 5.3 earthquake hits in waters off N. California coast – 1/1/15
Over 30 inches of snow falls in New England blizzard, as major coastal flooding continues – 1/27/15
Intense CAT 4 tropical cyclone Bansi over Indian Ocean – 1/14/15
Worst flooding in history hits Malawi, kills more than 170 people in Malawi and Mozambique - Over 200,000 people displaced. Flooding due to CAT 4 tropical cyclone Bansi - 1/22/15

Celebrity/ Sports/ College/ and Church Scandals  

Melissa Rivers files multi-million dollar lawsuit against NYC clinic, doctors who performed surgery on Joan Rivers -1/26/15
Singers Mariah Carey and ex-husband Nick Cannon lawsuit: Ex-nanny claims she was fired – 1/29/15
NFL Deflate-gate: 11 of 12 Patriots footballs under-inflated by 2 pounds – 1/20/15
Rap mogul Suge Knight arrested for deadly hit and run – 1/30/15
Phil Phillips wants out of his American Idol contract, files lawsuit. Says producers are ruining his career – 1/26/15
Another woman steps forward to accuse Bill Cosby of sexual assault. Chloe Goins, now 24 – 1/14/15
“Mortal Kombat” actor Darren Shahlavi dead at 42 of drug overdose – 1/20/15
Indianapolis Colts linebacker Josh McNary charged with rape – 1/14/15
Ex-NFL star Brad Culpepper sued over disability claims after he stars on TV show “Survivor” – 1/29/15
College athletes ran tax-refund fraud scheme at University of South Dakota, netted $400,000 – 1/10/15
“Astounding fraud” - Ex Delta worker gets 10-year sentence for defrauding Northwest and Delta Air Lines of more than $36 million – 1/10/15
Kid says he did not go to Heaven, publisher to stop selling book The Boy Who Came Back from Heaven (Tyndale House) – 1/16/15
Singer Sam Smith plagiarism case, ordered to pay royalties to Tom Petty for hit “Stay With Me” – 1/26/15
Sherri Shepherd’s baby surrogate mom claims she may be left footing child support bill – 1/29/15
American actor Jean-Paul Manoux arrested on voyeurism charges in Canada – 1/28/15
Episcopal bishop in Baltimore, Maryland faces manslaughter and DUI charges – 1/9/15
Chicago imam charged with sex abuse at Islamic school – 1/30/15

Year of the Woman

US skier Lindsey Vonn ties World Cup record of 62 World Cup wins – 1/18/15
Tennis star Serena Williams wins 6th Australian Open, 19th Grand Slam singles title – 1/30/15
All-female Ghostbusters cast will star Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig in long-awaited reboot – 1/27/15
Church of England consecrates first female bishop, ending all-male leadership – 1/26/15
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Greetings to all our Friends, Fans, and Future Fanatics spanning the globe…

On March 24, 2015 a Germanwings passenger jet flying out of Barcelona crashed in the French Alps en route to Germany. The plane slammed into the mountainside at 430 miles per hour, and 150 innocent
passengers were tragically killed in an instant. Terry was having a nightmare about a plane crash when Linda woke her up early to tell her the news. The two of us watched in horror as the headlines flashed
across every major network. It quickly registered that we had predicted this tragedy in stark detail on our World Predictions Show 2015-16 on Beyond the Gate Radio that aired live just two months earlier, on
January 11, 2015.

As the unimaginable facts emerged, it was found that the co-pilot of the doomed Germanwings flight deliberately crashed the plane after locking his captain out of the cockpit, French officials said.

In a chilling account of the final minutes of Germanwings Flight 9525, the lead prosecutor Brice Robin said that 27-year-old German pilot Andreas Lubitz, alone in the cockpit, activated a control causing the
plane's descent into the French Alps. The plane dropped for eight minutes from its cruising altitude of 38,000 feet before crashing.

*(In a strange coincidence, debris was also found in Barcelonette, France.)

Lubitz appeared to "show a desire to want to destroy" the plane, Robin told reporters after his team analyzed the jet’s cockpit voice recorder. The report sparked shock and outrage among victims' loved ones
and millions of people around the world. Over the next two days, details about the pilot’s state of health began to emerge.

Here is the verbatim excerpt from our 2015 Predictions show:


LINDA: “Now, we wanted to mention the places in other countries that we see possibly in high danger. Germany, Spain, for some reason we're getting Barcelona. Never said that before, starting to get it…UK,
England, not so much Scotland. I'm seeing the UK, London area…

TERRY: France…we're going to see more in France.

LINDA: Oh, yes. Absolutely…and we're seeing a couple of aviation tragedies, not necessarily in Indonesia or Malaysia… but there are two very big explosive tragedies having to do with big jets…At least one will
be terror related, you guys, so be careful. You know, really look sharp when you're traveling. We're seeing something that is involving mass casualties.”
Among those souls lost was an entire class of sixteen students and their teachers from the same school in West Germany, who were returning from an exchange trip to Barcelona. Headmaster Ulrich Wessel said:
'We have never experienced such a darkness, such a black day, and we don't yet know how we will get through this trauma.'

Maria Radner, a celebrated Austrian opera singer, was on the fated flight with her husband and baby after having performed in Barcelona with fellow opera singer Oleg Bryjak, who also perished.

Yvonne Selke of Virginia and her lovely daughter Emily, a recent college graduate, were also among the 150 people who died in the crash. Sadly, we found out that these two ladies were friends of one of our
clients in Virginia.


The day of the Germanwings crash, our friend Lola Braut posted this comment on her Facebook page on 3/24/15. (We are reposting it here with her permission):

“2 months ago I was thinking to book a ticket with Germanwings Air on THIS VERY WEEK (France related. I ALWAYS fly from Barcelona on Germanwings by way of the French Alps) Terry and Linda Jamison
strongly suggested to me that I must NOT travel this way. Thank God I listened to my intuition and asked them what they were feeling on it (I never did that before in my life, I would just book a ticket and go!) and
thank God for these Earth Angels! Because of their guidance, I booked a plane ticket for another direction.

I can't tell you how shocked I was to read about the Germanwings disaster this morning…it hit me immediately that I could've been on that flight as this is the week I am flying out!

Guys, they KNOW what they are talking about. I want EVERYONE to know how VALID the twins’ predictions are, ALWAYS! Check out their predictions for 2015-16… 200 already happened since their show aired—
Whoa! Terry and Linda are off the charts with their intuition!”
– Lola B. Braut, London
(All predicted on this years show 1/11/15, and last year’s 1/6/14 on Beyond the Gate Radio)

Health and Medical Breakthroughs

Schizophrenia: Scientists identify 8 genetic diseases that lead to schizophrenia, debunking belief that only one type of condition existed – 2/3/15

,      Alzheimer’s: Human immune system can cure Alzheimer’s, say researchers from USC – 2/8/15

,       Fertility breakthrough: Britain votes to allow world’s first ‘three-parent’ IVF babies – 2/3/15 (Predicted in January 2015 Futurescope)

.        Breast Cancer: FDA approves Pfizer’s big high-profile breast cancer drug early – “could be a game-changer” – 2/4/15

•        Breast Cancer: “Magic bullet” cocktail buys more than a year of life – 2/18/15

•        Cancer Breakthrough: DNA rings may detect early cancer (Stanford) – 2/23/15

•        Cancer: New cancer killing strategy may help other diseases too (Missouri Stowers Institute) – 2/13/15

•        HIV Breakthrough: Scientists announce anti-HIV agent so powerful it can work in a vaccine – 2/18/15

•        MS, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s: Multiple cups of coffee may reduce risk of MS, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease (Johns Hopkins U. School of Medicine) – 2/26/15

•        Blindness Breakthrough: FDA approves first bionic eye – blind man sees for the first time! – 2/19/15

•        Blindness: Comcast brings voice-guided TV to disability groups “Emily’s Oz” – new talking guide for vision impaired – 2/20/15

•        Diabetes: New “smart” insulin automatically adjusts blood sugar (U. of  Utah) – 2/9/15

•        Government, Political and Military Scandals

•        32,000 emails recovered in IRS targeting probe amid allegations agency chief lied – 2/27/15

•        Senior State Dept. official Rosen arrested for soliciting sex from a minor – 2/25/15

•        Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert McDonald apologizes for saying he served in US Army Special Forces – 2/24/15

•        90 Pounds of Cocaine found on cargo ship owned by anti-drug Senator Mitch McConnell’s family – 2/23/15

•        800,000 customers given wrong tax info – 2/20/15

•        NSA collaborated with Britain to steal cell phone codes, compromised networks – 2/20/15

•        Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber resigns amid ethics scandal surrounding fiancée using his office to win contracts for consulting business – 2/13/15

•        Navy: 3 admirals censured in Navy corruption and fraud scandal – 2/11/15

•        Economy/ Financial Fraud/ Scandals/ Cyber Attacks

•        Insurance giant Anthem hit by massive data breach – worst ever in corporate history – 2/5/15

•        Chinese state-sponsored hackers suspected in massive Anthem cyber attack, worst theft of medical-related customer data in history – exposed data of 80 million customers – 2/5/15

•        China’s stocks head for longest weekly losing streak since last May – 2/6/15

•        US stocks have best month since October, 2011 – 2/27/15

•        China fines British giant GlaxoSmithKline $488.8 Million for massive bribery network. 5 employees sentenced to 4 years jail – 2/27/15

•        ‘Cryptoware’ malware used to extort money from at least 1 million victims, holding user files hostage and demanding ransom – 2/4/15

•        Global banking giant HSBC helped conceal $100 billion in Swiss accounts, helped depositors avoid paying taxes – 2/9/15

•        Newsweek Twitter account hacked by ‘CyberCaliphate’ jihadist group – praised “cyber jihad” and threatened Michelle Obama and family – 2/10/15

•        New York hedge fund manager faked his own death to avoid redemptions says SEC (Moazzam Mark Malik stole close to $1 Million dollars) – 2/14/15

•        Russian hackers steal $1 Billion from banks in Russia, US and Eastern Europe – used techniques never used before to disguise withdrawals as legitimate transactions – 2/15/15

•        US announces record $3 Million bounty for Russian hacker who siphoned $100 Million from American bank accounts using malware – 2/24/15

•        Prominent DC think tank hacked by China “Deep Panda” group; 700,000 organizations affected by breach – 2/24/15

•        Montreal, Canada: 11 arrested in ‘grandparent scam’ fraud to rip off elderly people of life savings – 2/24/15

Terrorism/ Lone Wolf Terror Attacks/ School Shootings/ Riots/ Plane Crashes

•        New York: Man uses box cutter, slashes 4 in Manhattan – 2/5/15

•        New York and Chicago: US charges 6 suspects with aiding terrorists in Syria – 2/7/15

•        New York: Mom charged with threatening to blow up daughter’s school – 2/7/15

•        New York City: 3 Brooklyn men charged in plot to wage jihad terror acts in US, including plot “to kill Obama for ISIS” and kill police, and to hijack US jet – arrested at JFK airport trying to travel to Syria to join ISIS – 2/25/15

•        Texas: 3 police officers shot while serving drug warrant – 2/19/15

•        Texas: Houston gunman randomly shoots 5 pedestrians, kills 1 – 2/26/15

•        North Carolina: 3 Muslim students killed execution style at University of N. Carolina – 2/11/15

•        South Carolina: Shooting at University of South Carolina appears to be murder suicide. Ex-wife kills professor and self – 2/5/15

•        Minnesota: Mall of America threat, Minneapolis is target in new Al-Shabaab video. Also threatened Edmonton Canada mall – 2/21/15

•        Minnesota: 4 men tried to board plane to Syria to join ISIS in Minneapolis, MN – 2/5/15

•        Minnesota: Police officer shot in patrol car, Minneapolis – 2/21/15

•        Minnesota: Teen, 19, indicted for conspiring to support, join ISIS, attempted to fly to Turkey – 2/19/15

•        Georgia: 7 shot, 5 dead including gunman in mass shooting – 2/7/15

•        Georgia: Sheriff Seeking suspect after 5 killed in LaGrange – 2/1/15

•        Georgia: Georgia sheriff, deputy wounded, 3 others killed in ambush – 2/23/15

•        Houston: Priest charged in triple murder of son, his wife and young child –  2/4/15

•        Pennsylvania: 3 shot at mall outside Pittsburgh, 2 critical; teen arrested – 2/7/15

•        Pennsylvania: Man charged with homicide in college student’s death – 2/9/15

•        Michigan: Military base attack – man crashes through gate with bomb at Coast Guard Station, investigated as domestic terrorism – 2/8/15

•        Michigan: Muslim hate crime in Detroit, man stabs 2 at bus stop – 2/19/15

•        Florida: 3 killed in Tampa home, 2 suspects named – 2/9/15

•        Florida: Firefighters shot at fire station – 2/10/15

•        Maryland: Family of 3 killed by teen son, who is killed in shootout with officers – 2/16/15

•        Missouri: Lone gunman fires 6 shots into city bus, wounds 15-year-old girl – 2/18/15

•        Missouri mass shooting: 9 shot dead at multiple crime scenes in rural Missouri, shooter dead – 2/27/15

•        Canada: Deadly Valentine’s Day terror plot foiled, 4 arrested. Man and woman plotted “to shoot dead as many people as possible at a mall before killing themselves.” – 2/13/15

•        Yemen: US, UK and France close embassies in Sanaa after collapse of government – 2/11/15

•        Egypt: Cairo airport on alert after bomb exploded; other bombs discovered – 2/3/15

•        Egypt – 2 rounds of airstrikes against ISIS launched in Libya, in retaliation for beheadings of 21 Egyptian Christians – 2/16/15

•        Egypt: Series of explosions in Cairo kill 1, wound 7 – 2/26/15

•        France: 8 more arrested with jihadist links in Lyon and Paris; 547 people implicated, 167 arrested in new counter-terrorism decree –2/3/15

•        France is tracking 400 people believed to be in terror sleeper cells for ISIS and Al Qaeda – 2/18/15

•        France: 6 Chechen men charged with recruiting militants to fight in Syria – 2/13/15

•        Italy prepares for war with ISIS from the South; Defense Minister says Libya situation is “out of control” – 2/18/15

•        London: Al-Shabaab calls for attacks on London shopping centers in new video terror threat – 2/22/15

•        London: Viscious ‘Jihadi John’ identified as Kuwaiti-born Londoner – 2/26/15

•        Spain breaks up online network recruiting young women for ISIS in Barcelona – 2/24/15

•        Italy: Italy and Vatican City on high alert after terror threats from ISIS – 2/23/15

•        Pakistan: Bombs targeting police kill 6 officers in NW Pakistan –2/13/15

•        Ottawa, Ontario: Canadian police arrest man for aiding Islamic State, 2 others charged in fighting with ISIS – 2/4/15

•        Toronto, Canada: “Toronto Jane” recruited to join ISIS, fighting on front line of Iraq, Syria war – first case of a female with ISIS in this role - 2/25/15

•        Quebec, Canada: At least 6 young Quebecers have left country to join militants in Syria in January – 2/26/15

•        Libya: 45 dead in suicide bombings by ISIS – 2/20/15

•        Libya: Attackers beheaded or shot 12 at Libyan oilfield – 2/4/15

•        Libya: ISIS kills 21 Christian Egyptians. “Pandemic of violence is like nothing we’ve ever seen before in the free world.” - CNN terror expert – 2/15/15

•        Syria: Jordan bombs ISIS in retaliation for execution of Jordanian pilot. Jordanian minister: “This is our Muslim World War now.” – 2/5/15

•        Syria: 220 Christian Syrians kidnapped by ISIS militants storming villages and torching churches – 2/26/15

•        Syria: Dozens dead as Al Qaeda militants in Syria seize rebel base –2/28/15

•        Jordan says it launched 56 airstrikes against ISIS after pilot’s killing 2/8/15

•        ISIS expands international footprint with affiliates in 3 dozen countries – 2/5/15

•        ISIS expands into Libya amid hostage drama – 2/5/15

•        ISIS gains support in Yemen, Afghan, Pakistan and Nigeria – 2/17/15

•        ISIS threat to Europe and Italy: e-book plots downfall of Europe, Rome – vows to “destroy by 2020” – 2/25/15

•        Iraq: Bombs kill 37, wound 80 in Baghdad – 2/7/15

•        Iraq: ISIS militants kill 45 people – 2/17/15

•        Iraq: Attacks targeting marketplace, Shiite militias kill 37, wound over 100 in Baghdad; rare relics, artifacts and statues destroyed – 2/28/15

•        Afghanistan: Taliban blow up girls’ school, clinic in Kunar – 2/7/15

•        Afghanistan “secret war still going.” Data from computer fuels a surge in US raids on Al Qaeda - Called “unprecedented.” – 2/12/15

•        Afghanistan: Taliban attack by 4 suicide bombers kills at least 20, wounds 8 Afghan police officers – 2/17/15

•        Pakistan: Taliban bomb at Pakistani mosque kills at least 20, wounds 70 – 1/30/15

•        Nigeria: Air strike kills 37 mourners in Niger – 2/18/15

•        Nigeria: Boko Haram militants bomb town, kidnap 30 bus passengers during twin attacks in Cameroon, Niger – 2/9/15

•        Nigeria: Female suicide bomber kills 6, wounds 30 – 2/15/15

•        Nigeria: Suicide bombers kill 27 in bus station attacks – 2/24/15

•        Somalia: At least 25 dead, 40 wounded in attack on luxury Mogadishu hotel – 2/20/15

•        Russia: Putin critic Boris Nemtsov shot dead on bridge in Moscow - 2/27/15

•        Taiwan: 43 people were killed as plane crashes into bridge and Taipei River – 2/4/15

Earthquakes/ Extreme Weather/ Mega Storms

•        Indonesia: Powerful 7.0 earthquake shakes Southern Indonesia – 2/27/15

•        Boston, Massachusetts breaks all-time record snowfall – tops 108 inches in record-setting winter – 2/25/15

•        Massachusetts has worst snow on record in February – 2/17/15

•        Detroit, Michigan: Detroit socked with 3rd-biggest storm in history, Chicago had 5th worst in recorded history (19.7 inches of snow) – 2/2/15

•        California flooding: Storm hits California after triggering Washington flooding – 2/6/15

•        California and Washington: ‘Pineapple Express’ hammers West Coast, creates widespread flooding and power outages. Most powerful storm in 5 years – 2/7-2/8/15

•        Northeast US: 16 dead in Northeast snow storm – 2/3/15

•        California 4.6 earthquake strikes along Cali-Nevada border Death Valley – 2/13/

•        Japan: 6.9 earthquake triggers tsunami advisory – 2/16/15

•        US storms – at least 23 people died this week across US (18 in Tennessee) due to winter weather – 2/20/15

•        Extreme cold: Record deep freeze in South and East US – temps 25-45 degrees below normal. Hundreds of thousands without power – 2/19/15

•        Arctic blast brings historic cold across US eastern and Midwestern states, with 27 states under wind chill advisories – 2/26/15

•        Bangor Maine ties 30-day snowfall record with 53 inches – 2/10/15

•        Florida flooding: 6 inches of rain fell in 3 hours – 2/28/15

•        Australia: 2 destructive cyclones slam Australia – 2/19/15

Celebrity/ Sports/ College/ and Church Scandals

•        NFL Scandal: NFL legend Warren Sapp arrested for soliciting prostitution and assault – 2/2/15

•        NFL Jerry Rice admits to using illegal stickum on gloves to gain illegal advantage in games during career – 2/6/15

•        NBC’s Nightly News anchor Brian Williams admits he lied about coming under fire in Iraq: “I apologize.” Pilot and crew member called him out – 2/4/15

•        Critic says: “Everyone thought Brian Williams was too big to fail.” This is without precedent in American broadcast history. Williams is suspended indefinitely by NBC – 2/11/15  

•        Malibu California: Olympic athlete Bruce Jenner involved in fatal car crash, kills neighbor. Faces up to 6 years in prison if charged with manslaughter – 2/7/15

•        Los Angeles: UCLA student reports rape at fraternity – 2/5/15

•        California: “Egregious” child porn ring busted, 3 men arrested – 2/17/15

•        Madonna complains that Lady Gaga “ripped her off” in Rolling Stone interview – 2/28/15

•        Glam-rock Singer Gary Glitter gets 16 years for ‘70s sex crimes – 2/27/15

•        Young and Restless actress sues CBS, Sony for retaliation over diversity complaints – Victoria Rowell – 2/11/15

•        Actor Emile Hirsch charged with assault, put female Hollywood exec in chokehold – 2/12/15

•        Jay Z slapped with paternity suit claiming he fathered 21-year-old boy; refuses to take DNA test – 2/19/15

•        Whitney Houston’s daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown had used drugs before being found unconscious in her bathtub, People Magazine reports - 2/21/15

•        America’s Next Top Model alum Mirjana Puhar dead in triple homicide, man arrested – 2/25/15

•        Founder of Bikram Yoga accused of raping students – 2/24/15

•        Jesse Jackson threatens lawsuit in Little League World Series scandal – 2/11/15

•        Actor Bill Cosby hit with new disturbing allegations of drugging and raping 2 former models – 2/12/15

•        Rap star Vanilla Ice arrested for burglary and grand theft – 2/18/15

•        Canada: Toronto pastor accused of sexually assaulting woman while performing exorcisms – 2/6/15

•        Brazil arrests US church cult leader Victor Arden Barnard, wanted on 59 sex charges - raped dozens of girls in Minnesota cult – 2/27/15

•        Houston TX: Priest charged in triple murder of son, his wife and young child – 2/4/15

•        Ex-Southern Methodist University law school dean arrested in sex trafficking sting on prostitution charge – 2/2/15

Year of the Woman

•        Marvel unveils first all-female Avengers comic book “A-Force” – 2/6/15

•        Actress Patricia Arquette gives feminist acceptance speech about equal pay for women at Oscars – 2/22/15
(All predicted on this years show 1/11/15, and last year’s 1/6/14 on Beyond the Gate Radio)

Health and Medical Breakthroughs

• Heart breakthrough: Popular antidepressant Paxil has power to reverse heart failure – 3/5/15

• Heart: New cholesterol-lowering drug ‘could halve risk of heart attack, stroke’ – 3/16/15

• HIV: Scientists ‘delete’ HIV virus from human DNA for the first time – important step on path to permanent cure of AIDS (Temple University School of Medicine) – 3/7/15  

• Psychosis breakthrough: Newly discovered brain pathway overturns anatomy, could solve antipsychotic mystery (Harvard) – 3/9/15

• Alzheimer’s: Drug restores brain function and memory in early Alzheimer’s disease (Johns Hopkins University) – 3/11/15

• Alzheimer’s and dementia: Research supports healthy diets in delaying and even preventing cognitive decline – 3/13/15

• Alzheimer’s treatment: Non-invasive ultrasound technology fully restores memory function –3/18/15

• Alzheimer’s drug slows mental decline in early study – First drug to modify progression being called “silver bullet.” –3/20/15

• Alzheimer’s discovery could pave way to better treatment and prevention – new toxic protein ‘tau’ could be culprit (Mayo Clinic study) –3/25/15

• Cancer: Tetanus vaccine boosts cancer therapy (Duke University) – 3/11/15

• Concussion breakthrough: Simple flashcard test quickly detects concussions – 3/11/15

• PTSD breakthrough: Genomic research at UCSD finds genetic link – 3/20/15

• ADD: Omega-3 fatty acids help improve boys’ attention spans, Netherlands research shows – 3/20/15

• Ebola: British military health worker declared free of Ebola after treatment with new drug — 3/27/15

• Cancer breakthrough: Polio virus injected into brain tumors can kill cancer (Duke University study) –3/29/15

• Obesity: Food additives found to cause metabolic syndrome, obesity (Georgia State) – 3/3/15

Economy/ Financial Fraud/ Scandals/ Cyber Attacks

• Construction jobs booming as demand increases (was at 25% unemployment in 2010) – 3/2/15

• State Department shuts down after Russian Cyber Attack, one of biggest in history – 3/13/15

• 3 charged in massive US email data breach, one of largest in US history (DOJ) –3/6/15

• NSA: China has hacked every major corporation in US, stealing valuable secrets. “We have never, ever NOT found Chinese malware,” says Mike McConnell – 3/13/15

• Uber says data breach may have exposed info on 50,000 drivers – 3/1/15

• Boom! Nasdaq finally tops 5,000 again, first time in 15 years – 3/2/15

• Fake IRS agents target more than 366,000 in huge tax scam. Con artists dupe taxpayers out of $15.5 million dollars – 3/12/15

• Tylenol maker admits to selling liquid medicine contaminated with metal, agrees to $25 Million settlement with DOJ – 3/11/15

• US charges Democratic Senator Robert Menendez of New Jersey with corruption – 3/6/15

• Sex, Lies and Spies: General Petraeus pleads guilty to misdemeanor charge after he leaked classified information to mistress – 3/3/15

• CIA Director Petraeus gave his mistress black books full of Pentagon code words, spy names and Obama briefings – 3/3/15

• Secret Service agents investigated: Car hits White House barricade after night of drinking – 3/11/15

• Ex Rhode Island Speaker Fox pleads guilty to federal charges of bribery, wire fraud and filing false tax returns – 3/3/15

• Rep. Aaron Schock resigns amid spending scandal – 3/17/15

• Military Scandal: US weapons worth $500 Million vanish in Yemen – 3/17/15

• First transgender lawmaker charged in NH hospital bomb threat – 3/13/15

• TSA allowed convicted felon to use pre-check program – 3/20/15

• DEA agents posted in Colombia engaged in sex parties supplied by local drug cartels – 3/26/15

• Fresno, CA: Deputy Police Chief Keith Foster and 5 others arrested on drug charges – 3/28/15

• Silk Road: 2 former federal agents charged with stealing Bitcoin during Silk Road probe – 3/30/15

Terrorism/ Lone Wolf Terror Attacks/ School Shootings/ Riots/ Plane Crashes

• 6 US suspects sent military supplies to terrorists in Syria and Iraq, Chicago and Missouri – 3/1/15

• Ohio: Terror suspect who plotted attack on US Capitol says he would have shot President Obama – 3/6/15

• North Carolina – 4 dead in shooting spree – 3/2/15

• North Carolina: 3 brothers killed, 2 wounded in New Bern home – 3/18/15

• California: 2 killed and 5 injured in shooting at San Bernardino nightclub – 3/4/15

• Santa Ana, California mass shooting spree – One killed, 4 wounded – 3/2/15

• Los Angeles, California: 2 LAPD officers shot, gunmen at large – 3/15/15

• California: 3 dead and 4 hurt in shooting at market – 3/18/15

• Los Angeles, California Courthouse evacuated due to device, bomb squad called in – 3/9/15

• Arizona: 6 shot, 1 dead in Mesa shooting spree; suspect in custody – 3/18/15

• Arizona: 9 suspects attack police - one suspect killed and officer shot in Walmart parking lot – 3/22/15

• 2,000 Twitter accounts suspended as ISIS escalates online recruiting – ISIS threatens “real war” in retaliation – 3/2/15

• White House lawn on lockdown – 3 men arrested and charged with unlawful entry – 3/3/15

• Florida: 7 students shot during spring break at Florida Panhandle beach town – 3/29/15

• Miami, Florida – Pakistani brothers plead guilty to New York City bomb plot – 3/12/15

• Miami, Florida Airport jihad terror: Muslim rams car into checkpoint and threatens to blow up airport – 3/7/15

• Miami, Florida: 4 people shot at Lil’ Wayne’s house, Miami Beach – 3/11/15

• Maryland sniper arrested in 5 mystery shootings at NSA Headquarters and malls – 3/3/15

• Maryland: Man shot dead at Fort Meade NSA Headquarters, tried to ram NSA gate – 3/30/15

• CIA Chief says ISIS has “snowballed” beyond Iraq and Syria – 3/14/15

• Houston, Texas: 2 dead, 2 wounded in shooting at Houston barbershop – 3/4/15

• Ferguson, Missouri: 2 officers shot during demonstration were ambushed – 3/12/15

• Tennessee: 5 shot, 1 killed in Tennessee University shooting – 3/24/15

• New York: 6 stabbed at Migos concert in Albany – 3/7/15

• New York Air Force vet charged with attempting to join ISIS – 3/17/15

• New York: Gang boss-turned imam resurfaced at Florida mosque, sends radicalized jihadists overseas to learn how to kill Americans – 3/28/15

• Washington, DC: Letter sent to White House tests positive for cyanide – 3/17/15

• Washington State: Woman and 2-year old killed, man injured in shooting – 3/28/15

• Virginia: Teen accused of being ISIS recruiter – 3/4/15

• Virginia: One of FBI’s most wanted terrorists captured in Somalia, tried to join Al Qaeda – 3/4/15

• Denver, Colorado: Attempted terror attack on Denver United Airlines plane shouted “Jihad!” – 3/17/15

• Minnesota: ISIS “aggressively” recruiting terrorists for Al Shabaab Army – 3/14/15

• New Orleans: Man attacks three TSA officers at airport with machete. He is shot by police; also had molotov cocktails and lighter – 3/20/15

• Chicago, Illinois: Army National Guard soldier and cousin arrested in Chicago on terror charges, plotted to join ISIS in Syria and attack soldiers on military base in Illinois – 3/26/15

• Paris, France: 4 including policewoman in custody, linked to Paris attacks – 3/9/15

• Germany: Germanwings Flight 9525 out of Barcelona, Spain crashes in French Alps, killing 150 people – premeditated mass murder by co-pilot – 3/24/15 (Predicted in exact detail on Beyond the Gate Radio 1/11/15)

• Germanwings pilot was locked out of cockpit by co-pilot before plane crash in France, according to voice recorder – proof of terror motive – 3/25/15 (as predicted on Beyond the Gate 1/11/15)

• Germanwings crash pilot was psychiatric patient, planned ‘big gesture’ to become famous – 3/23/15

• UK Terror: UK teacher sentenced to 6 years for joining ISIS in Syria – 3/5/15

• UK: 3 British teens face terror charges, detained en route to Syria from Barcelona – 3/16/15

• UK: 11 “brainwashed” British medical students join ISIS – 3/21/15

• China: 9 injured after knife attack at China train station – 3/5/15

• Tunisia museum attack by ISIS kills 23, 3 suspects sought – 3/18/15

• Somalia: 24 dead, 30 wounded in siege at prominent Somali hotel – 3/27/15

• Africa: Hundreds killed as Chad forces seize northeast Nigerian town –3/2/15

• Africa: 6 suicide blasts hit Nigeria market, killing dozens – 54 dead, 143 wounded – 3/7/15

• Africa: Boko Haram kills 41 in Nigeria, as millions vote in Presidential election – 3/28/15

• Africa: Boko Haram terror group pledges allegiance to ISIS in tape recording – 3/7/15

• North and West Africa: Terror Triumvirate – ISIS, Al Qaeda and Boko Haram training together in Mauritania – 3/23/15

• Somalia: At least 9 dead in massive attack on government offices, Baidoa – 3/12/15

• Syria: 20 government troops and 14 militants killed at intelligence office in Aleppo – 3/4/15

• Syria: Warplanes kill 13 senior leaders of Al Qaeda affiliate Al Nusra – 3/6/15

• Syria: ISIS executes at least 40 civilians in Syria – 3/31/15

• Kim Jong Un tells North Korean army to “prepare for war with US.” – 3/2/15

• Ontario, Canada: Ontario-born jihadist recruited 5 others for ISIS – 3/2/15

• Toronto, Canada: Pakistani man arrested in bomb plot against US consulate in Toronto, and others. Self-proclaimed supporter of ISIS and Al Qaeda – 3/11/15

• Egypt: Militants attack church and police, one dead – 4/5/15

• Malaysia: Chief pilot of Malaysia Airlines says “Rogue Pilot” seems most likely theory in missing jet – 3/5/15 (Predicted on 2 radio shows in March 2014)

• Malaysia Airlines towelette discovered on beach in Western Australia – 3/10/15

• Spain arrests 8 members of jihadi cell, urged attacks in Spain – 3/13/15

• Barcelona, Spain: Female ISIS recruiter arrested at airport – 3/7/15

• Melbourne, Australia: ISIS teen makes taunts on Twitter, threatens terror attacks that “would make 9/11 look like child’s play.” – 3/9/15

• Melbourne, Australia: Teen carried out ISIS suicide attack in Iraq – 3/12/15

• Sydney, Australia: 2 teens stopped at Sydney Airport from joining ISIS – 3/7/15

• Tokyo, Japan: Man fatally stabs 5 neighbors in Japan – 3/9/15

• Tokyo, Japan: Death threats made against US Ambassador Caroline Kennedy at US Embassy investigated – 3/29/15

• Indonesia: 32 Syria-bound Indonesians arrested in Turkey, ready to join ISIS (514 Indonesians are now known to have ties to ISIS) – 3/13/15

• Baghdad, Iraq: 40 Iraqi soldiers, 10 militants die after ISIS plants 300 IEDs under Anbar Army HQ – 3/13/15

• Iraq: Baghdad bombings kill 19, wound 36 – 3/23/15

• Pakistan: Twin suicide bombings by Taliban kill 15 outside Pakistani Christian churches, 78 wounded – 3/15/15

• Libya: ISIS attacks Libyan hospital, kidnaps 20 – 3/17/15

• Yemen: 137 dead, 300 wounded in twin suicide bombings at 2 mosques. Fighting between Muslim groups intensifies – 3/20/15

• Yemen: ISIS claims killing 29 Yemeni police – 3/23/15

• Islamic State calls on backers to kill 100 US Military personnel, posts their names, addresses and photos online – 3/22/15

• Turkey: Biggest power grid outage in 15 years struck most of Turkey, possible terror attack suspected – 3/31/15

Earthquakes/ Extreme Weather/ Mega Storms

• Indonesia: 6.6 magnitude earthquake struck off northwest of Ternate, no tsunami – 3/17/15

• Afghan Avalanches, flooding death toll at 250 – 3/1/15

• US: 77 million people under storm warnings, 3500 flights cancelled. Storms hit Southwest, Midwest - up to 7 inches of snow in New England and Boston – 3/1/15

• Boston: 2015 record snowfall is greatest in history (since 1872) with 108.6 inches – 3/15/15

• New England economy lost billions in wages and profits during winter storms 2015 (Massachusetts lost $1 Billion)

• Italy: World record! 100 inches of snow clobbers Italy over 18 hours – 3/5/15

• Argentina: Massive floods kill 6 in Cordoba – 3/1/15

• CAT 5 Cyclone Pam decimates island nation of Vanuatu, 200 mph winds, one of worst storms in Pacific history. Massive destruction, homes lost – 3/13/15

• California drought: Driest January in history – 3/18/15

• Brazil: Worst drought in 80 years – 2/12/15

• Tulsa, Oklahoma: 7 tornadoes kill one, leave massive destruction – 3/25/15

Celebrity/ Sports/ College, School and Church Scandals

• NFL Scandal: NFL star running back Chris Johnson shot in drive-by shooting that killed driver – 3/8/15

• Reality star: Pregnant Food Network star Cristie Schoen Codd and husband murdered in North Carolina – 3/18/15

• Liza Minnelli in rehab for substance abuse – 3/19/15

• ‘Mad Men’ star Jon Hamm breaks silence about recent rehab stint for alcoholism – 3/27/15

• Scientology: Church member claims wiretaps were made by church leaders on Nicole Kidman’s phone – 3/20/15

• Pope appoints Chilean bishop who covered up for Chile’s most notorious pedophile. Violent protestors disrupt Chilean bishop’s installation ceremony – 3/25/15

• Catholic Priest accused of molesting 3 boys – 3/1/15

• California: Jehovah’s Witness accuses church of hiding child abusers from congregations – 3/12/15

• Los Angeles, CA: 14 boys accused of sex crimes at Venice High School, police find photos of sex acts – 3/13/15

Year of the Woman

• Hillary Clinton to launch Presidential bid in April (Predicted 1/11/15) – 3/1/15
(All predicted on this years show 1/11/15, and last year’s 1/6/14 on Beyond the Gate Radio)

Health and Medical Breakthroughs and Updates

• 3-D Print technology provides “robohand” to 7 year old girl!  - 4/1/15

• 3-D technology shaping future of heart surgery: MRI and CT scans turned into 3-dimensional models of heart – 4/23/15

• Cancer: Experts hail “cancer breakthrough”- drug made from tree bark is combined with radiation therapy. Double whammy proved 85% effective in lab trials – 4/24/15

• Coffee drinking linked to longer life – 4/17/15

• Brain injury breakthrough: Vets and NFL stars suffer similar brain disease – 4/6/15

• Mind-reading MRI Scan: Neurotechnology startup offers first ever mind-reading MRI scan – 4/1/15

• Mutant stomach bug from abroad spreading in US, CDC says (“Delhi Belly”) –  4/2/15

• HPV vaccine approved for boys, may prevent throat cancer… Could save millions of health care dollars by preventing head and neck cancer, according to new research – 4/17/15

• Chinese modify human embryo genes could lead to a new kind of Eugenics – 4/23/15

Economy/ Financial Fraud/ Scandals/ Cyber Attacks

• 295K jobs added in February – Unemployment drops to 5.5%

• China stocks have doubled in last 12 months – 4/7/15 report

• Massive power outages hit major government buildings: US Capitol, State Dept., Mass transit, Metro subway trains, museums, Smithsonian evacuated – 4/7/15

• Sophisticated cyber attack on White House, State Department computer system in 2014 was caused by Russian hackers, according to report – 4/7/15

• US government scandal: US secretly tracked billions of calls for decades - “More troubling” than NSA’s far-reaching data-mining operations – 4/7/15

• US: IRS Impostor tax scam worse than ever, Congress holds hearing – 4/15/15

• North Carolina: Former CIA director General Petraeus sentenced to 2 years probation, $100,000 fine for military leaks – 4/23/15

• White House cyber attack by Russia said to be more significant than originally thought. Hackers obtained Obama’s highly sensitive emails, report says - 4/25/15

• Secret Service supervisor put on leave after assault allegation – 4/9/15

• France: French TV network hacked by group claiming ties to ISIS – called a terror attack. 11 channels blacked out for days; also took over network’s website and social media accounts – 4/9/15

• Atlanta schools cheating scandal: 11 of 12 defendants convicted of racketeering and other charges – 4/1/15

• Facebook scandal: Huge privacy class action lawsuit in Europe goes to court – 25,000 claimants sue for surveillance, illegally collecting data, etc. – 4/9/15

• Joliet Diocese settles victims’ abuse claims against ‘savage, scary’ priests for over $4M – 4/16/15

• 27 charged in Florida for immigration marriage fraud ring – 4/26/15

• New Jersey: Senator Menendez indicted on corruption, bribery charges: steps down – 4/1/15

• Virginia scandal: official got $288,000 “relocation payment” for move – 4/7/15

• Colorado: $213 Million lost in Medicaid fraud

Terrorism/ Lone Wolf Terror Attacks/ School Shootings/ Riots/ Plane Crashes

• Brooklyn, New York: 6 shot and 2 dead outside a Brooklyn church after a funeral – 4/27/15

• New York: Fourth man charged in NYC over ISIS recruiting plot – 4/7/15

• New York: Statue of Liberty evacuated all tourists by boat after police sniffer dogs find suspicious package on Liberty Island – 4/25/15

• New York: Long Island cardiologist charged in murder-for-hire plot – 4/16/15

• New York: 2 women arrested in ISIS-inspired bomb plot for terror attack in US; wanted to achieve “violent jihad” on US soil, “had desire to make history” – 4/2/15

• Baltimore, MD: Hundreds arrested as protesters riot for days, damage cars, throw objects at police, set 15 buildings on fire. 20 cops wounded. 5,000 National Guard called in  -- 4/25/15

• Baltimore, MD: 200 businesses lost in one night during rioting: governor

• Baltimore, MD: Baltimore police warn of credible threat by gangs to take out law enforcement officers, protests turn violent – 4/27/15

• Baltimore, MD:  Prosecutor charges 6 Baltimore police officers in Freddy Gray’s death, ruled a homicide – 5/1/15

• Washington, D.C: Police officer shot, another injured – 4/9/15

• Washington, DC: Guard dead after shooting at US Census Bureau Headquarters; gunman shot – 4/9/15

• Washington, DC: Pilot arrested after he lands plane near Capitol Building – 4/15/15

• Washington, DC: Shooting at US Capitol causes lockdown; package found – 4/11/14

• Los Angeles, CA: Double shooting in Palms. One dead and 3 wounded at 3 locations, schools on lockdown – 4/16/15

• California: FBI probes ISIS threat, airports on high alert – 4/25/15

• Phoenix, Arizona: Horrific scene inside home where 5 killed – 4/17/15

• Ohio man accused of plotting to attack US military base or prison after traveling to Syria – trained in explosives, weapons, terror in Syria – 4/16/15

• Missouri: 2 St. Louis men accused of plot to bomb protestors during Ferguson riots – 4/2/15

• Missouri: Multiple people shot near Missouri train station – 4/29/15

• NC: Wayne College on lockdown after man shot dead – 4/13/15

• Philadelphia, PA: Woman charged for trying to join ISIS, providing material support, planned to martyr herself – 4/3/15

• Kansas: Man accused of plotting to detonate bomb at Fort Riley military base, on behalf of ISIS; vowed to wage “violent jihad” – 4/10/15

• Minnesota: 6 men arrested, tried to help ISIS – 4/20/15

• South Carolina: Teen boy faces 6 attempted murder charges, assaulted 11 bicyclists while in a car – 4/17/15

• Germanwings ‘black box’ shows co-pilot Lubitz sped up descent into mountainside, proving he acted deliberately to crash the plane. Authorities: “This was a premeditated, cold-blooded mass murder.” – 4/3/15 (Predicted on two
radio shows: Beyond the Gate 1/11/15 and Matthew Engel show 1/15/15)

• France: Police arrest Islamic extremist who planned attack on churches in Paris, seized weapons – 4/22/15

• Melbourne, Australia: Male model turned recruit is killed in Syria while fighting with ISIS – 4/16/15

• Melbourne, Australia: 5 teens arrested, plotted ISIS Terror attack at Veteran’s Day ceremony – 4/18/15

• Britain: Teens age 14 and 16 arrested on suspicion of terror activity – 4/5/15

• Spain: Police arrest 11 people in Barcelona and Madrid for terror activity, suspected ties to ISIS. 360 officers took part in 13 raids, one of biggest operations against jihadi activity in region – 4/8/15

• Spain: Student kills one, wounds 4 with crossbow and knife in Barcelona – 4/20/15

• Kenya: Campus massacre - 150 dead in Al-Shabaab school attack, 79 wounded and dozens missing – 4/2/15

• Somalia: 17 dead in al-Shabaab attack on Somalia ministries government complex – 4/14/15

• Libya: 30 dead after ISIS slaughters Ethiopian Christians in video – 4/19/15

• Libya: Egypt readying assault on ISIS – 4/26/15

• Malaysia: 17 detained for plotting terror acts in Kuala Lampur – 4/5/15

• Malaysia: 12 arrested in foiled ISIS plot by militants to attack capital. Explosives seized – 4/27/15

• Al Qaeda growing: Al Qaeda in Yemen expanding footprint amid chaos –4/6/15

• Yemen: 550 civilians killed in last month, including 115 children, since start of Saudi-led Yemen offensive – 4/24/15

• ISIS releases latest propaganda video showing jihadists threatening another 9/11 and to “burn America.” – 4/12/15

• Italy: Police arrest 15 Muslim migrants after they threw 12 Christians overboard as they traveled to Italy – 4/16/15

• Italy: Gunman kills 3 in Milan court, including a judge, lawyer and co-defendant – 4/9/15

• Italy launches vast anti-terror operation, arrests 18. Suspects had contact with bin Laden, discussed Vatican attack – 4/25/15

• Afghanistan: Suicide bomber kills 35, wounds 100 in bloody attack at Afghan bank (deadliest attack of 2015) – 4/18/15

• Afghanistan: Gunmen storm attorney general’s office in Kabul, killing 10 – 4/9/15

• Iraq: ISIS kills 52 men at border crossing with Syria; most were police –4/10/15

• Iraq: Car bombs, suicide attack kills at least 22 in Baghdad – 4/27/15

• Iraq: ISIS leader al-Baghdadi seriously wounded in March airstrike – 4/21/15

• Saudi Arabia: US Embassy attack thwarted. 93 suspects with ties to ISIS arrested. 5 ISIS related attacks across the kingdom have killed 15 – 4/28/15

• Ottowa, Canada: Man charged after threatening to blow up Parliament Hill buildings as part of a “revolution” – 4/12/15

• Montreal Canada: 2 Montreal teens charged with terror offences – 4/20/15

• Alberta and Quebec, Canada: Youths arrested for terrorism. Terrorist threat to Canada “has never been as direct or immediate:” CSIS boss says – 4/20/15

• Japan: Drone with radioactive material found on Japanese Prime Minister’s roof – 4/22/15

• Hong Kong: Cathay Pacific pilot arrested for trying to take knives on flight – 4/21/15

Earthquakes/ Extreme Weather/ Floods and Mega Storms

• Super CAT 5 Typhoon Maysak kills at least 5, heads toward Philippines – 4/1/15

• Nepal near China: Worst quake in 80 years - Massive 7.9 Earthquake and Mount Everest avalanche kills 2,500 people. Violent 6.7 aftershock causes more chaos – 4/25/15

• Japan: Tsunami warning after 6.8 quake – 4/19/15

• New Zealand: 6.3 earthquake rocks NZ South Island – 4/25/15

• Pacific Northwest, West Coast and BC Interior: 3 earthquakes hit – 4/24/15

• Los Angeles: Series of earthquakes rattle San Fernando Valley – 4/5/15

• California drought is “worst in 1,000 years” say experts

• Illinois: EF-4 tornadoes rip through parts of Midwest; 2 dead and towns leveled – 4/10/15

• Alabama: Record rain causes flooding on Gulf Coast – 4/13/15

• Alabama: 2 dead after storm strikes Alabama sailing regatta, 10 boats capsize – 4/26/15

• Chile floods: 25 dead, 125 missing – 4/5/15

• Australia: 3 killed, 200,000 homes without power as “worst storm in decade” rages – 4/21/15

Celebrity/ Sports/ College, School and Church Scandals

• Actor and Mad Men star Jon Hamm took part in violent college hazing in 1990 at the U. of Texas – 4/9/15

• Paris: Ricci perfume heiress found guilty in HSBC tax fraud case, hid $22 Million from authorities – 4/13/15

• NFL Scandal: Aaron Hernandez, New England Patriots star, found guilty of first-degree murder – 4/15/15

• NFL Scandal: NFL drops hammer on Cowboys Greg Hardy, suspends him 10 games without pay for domestic violence – 4/22/15

• NFL Scandal: Offensive LSU lineman and NFL draft pick La’el Collins sought for questioning in shooting death of pregnant woman – 4/29/15

• NFL Scandal: Accuser sues Jameis Winston over alleged rape in 2012 – 4/16/15

• Dr. Oz – 10 doctors demand Dr. Oz dismissal from Columbia faculty for fraud – called Oz a “fake and charlatan.” – 4/17/15

• NBC News finds new anchor Brian Williams embellished his stories at least 11 times – 4/25/15

• Bill Cosby scandal widens as 3 more accusers come forward – 4/23/15

• Daytime show “The Real” is accused of discrimination against Muslim women – 4/22/15

• Virginia fraternity says it will sue Rolling Stone over rape on campus article – 4/6/15

Year of the Woman

• Hillary Clinton announces run for President in 2016 as a ‘champion for everyday Americans’ – 4/12/15

• Loretta Lynch makes history as the first black female Attorney General in US history – 4/23/15
(All predicted on this years show 1/11/15, and last year’s 1/6/14 on Beyond the Gate Radio)

Health and Medical Breakthroughs and Updates

•  Babies’ lives were saved by 3-D printing – tracheobronchial splint – 4/29/15

•  Lung Cancer breakthrough: 2 new lung cancer meds show promise in advanced disease – 4/30/15

•  Lung Cancer: Cuba has a lung cancer vaccine – 5/12/15

•  Lung Disease/ Cystic Fibrosis: drug offers hope to patients (predicted in January 2015 Futurescope) – 5/17/15

•  HIV breakthrough: Scientists design implantable device for long-acting HIV prevention – 5/5/15

•  Ebola Virus breakthrough: Fighting Ebola with HIV drugs gets big shot in the arm – 5/1/15

•  Autism: Scientists link Autism to toxic chemicals during fetal development – 5/8/15

•  Heart: Expressing gratitude is linked to a healthier heart, study finds – 5/10/15

•  Bird Flu Outbreak: Feds, states grapple to contain worst bird flu outbreak on record – 5/15/15

•  Vision breakthrough: Ocumetics Bionic Lens could give you vision 3x better than 20/20 – 5/18/15

Economy/ Financial Fraud/ Scandals/ Cyber Attacks

•  Scandal: US Army and Pentagon shipped live anthrax to 24 labs in 11 states and 2 countries – 5/30/15

•  Political Scandal: Reports of weapons in 3 US Capitol bathrooms including John Boehner’s office – 5/1/15

•  US stocks sell off: Dow Jones down by triple digits – 5/26/15

•  Half of Obamacare exchanges are struggling financially – 5/3/15

•  US NSA domestic phone spying program illegal: collected private phone data of millions of Americans – 5/7/15

•  New Russian cyber hacks target US banks – 5/14/15

•  Hacker cyber-hacked airline controls 20 times, took over flight’s engine controls – 5/17/15

•  Adult dating site Ashley Madison hack exposes sexual secrets of millions – 5/22/15

•  Criminals use IRS website to steal data on 334,000 people – 5/26/15

•  4 Cancer charities accused in $187 million dollar FTC fraud case, one of largest charity fraud cases ever – 5/19/15

•  Five global banks guilty of market rigging, pay $5.4 Billion in penalties – 5/20/15

•  Former CIA official cites agency’s failure to see Al Qaeda’s rebound: “badly misjudged” situation – 5/7/15

•  US State Department employee faces cyberstalking, hacking charges – 5/21/15

•  Hackers draining bank accounts via the Starbucks app – 5/13/15

•  Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert used hush money to cover up sexual misconduct with former student – 5/29/15

•  Los Angeles sues Wells Fargo bank, alleging “unlawful and fraudulent conduct” – 5/4/15

•  Unemployment at lowest in 7 years – 5/8/15

Terrorism/ Lone Wolf Terror Attacks/ School Shootings/ Riots/ Plane Crashes

• New York: Police officer in critical condition after being shot in Queens – 5/2/15

• New York: Suspect with hammer shot dead after viscious attacks on police officers in midtown – 5/13/15

• New York: US jets scramble to escort Air France plane to JFK after terror threat – 5/25/15

• New York: 10 threats made against planes – 5/25/15

• Boston: Boston Marathon bomber Tsarnaev sentenced to death, guilty on all counts – 5/15/15 (Predicted Boston bombings on 4 radio shows in 2012)

• Baltimore Maryland: “Bloodiest month in 40 years.” 29 shot, 9 dead in bloody Memorial Day weekend – 5/26/15

• Washington, DC: Fire that killed 4 victims was intentionally set. Murdered CEO, wife, son and maid – 5/18/15

• Washington, DC: Driver arrested after US Capitol police detonate pressure cooker bomb, found in his car during Memorial Day concert – 5/24/15

• Texas: Dallas officer and 2 suspects down in gunfight at Islamic cartoon contest. 2 shooters killed, officer shot. Gunmen were ISIS sympathizers – 5/3/15

• Texas: Shootout in Waco TX among 3 rival biker gangs leaves 9 dead, 18 wounded, 170 charged in capital murder case. 300 guns found on scene – 5/17/15

• Texas: Massive fire burning at hangar at Hooks Airport, Houston TX - terror investigation underway – 5/24/15

• Texas man arrested for support and pledge of allegiance to ISIS – 5/15/15

• ISIS threatens controversial blogger Pamela Geller in message boasting of “71 trained soldiers in 15 different states ready to attack.” – 5/6/15

• ISIS targets Virginia, Michigan, California, Illinois and Maryland in online message – 5/6/15

• ISIS activity prompts threat level increase at US military bases – 5/8/15

• CIA veteran Morell says ISIS next test could be 9/11 style attack – 5/10/15

• California: Terrorism task force arrests 2 Orange County men, one at LAX, ISIS recruits – 5/21/15

• California: Arrest made in massive downtown Da Vinci complex arson case, $100 Million in damages. Arsonist faces life in prison – 5/27/15

• Chicago, IL: At least 18 shot in city over one weekend, 2 dead – 5/22/15

• Seattle: Senior ISIS recruiting figure reportedly a female Seattle teacher – 5/1/15

• Seattle and Portland prepare for more protests and riots – 5/2/15

• Ohio: Rioters, protesters flood Cleveland streets after officer’s acquittal; 71 arrested – 5/24/15

• Pennsylvania: At least one dead after shooting at shopping mall – 5/11/15

• Canada terror plot: 8 suspicious packages discovered in several cities, causing courthouse evacuations – 5/6/15

• Canada: RCMP arrest Montrealers suspected of trying to join jihadist groups – 5/19/15

• Italy: Gunman kills four, wounds 5 in Naples mass shooting – 5/15/15

• Italy: Violence in Milan at start of Global Food Fair – 5/1/15

• Germany: Officials foiled imminent Boston-style terror attack – ISIS extremists had bomb, chemicals, rifles and ammo – 5/1/15

• Germanwings crash update: Co-pilot practiced descent previously, new info reveals, confirming premeditation – 5/6/15

• Germany: Police arrest 4 suspects for planning Mosque attacks – 5/6/15

• Iraq: ISIS executes 300 Yazidi hostages in Iraq – 5/2/15

• Iraq: Wave of ISIS suicide attacks leave 17 Iraqi troops dead – 5/27/15

• Iraq: ISIS takes Ramadi, seizes Palmyra, secures largest military victory of year – 5/17/15

• Syria: ISIS captures ancient city of Palmyra, 400 civilians killed – 5/21/15

• Saudi Arabia: Suicide bomber kills 21, wounds 90 at Saudi Shi’ite mosque, 90 wounded – 5/22/15

• Afghanistan: 5 killed after gunmen storm Kabul hotel – 5/13/15

• Afghanistan: At least 10 Afghan police officers killed in Taliban assault – 5/24/15

• Pakistan: Gunmen kill 43 in bus attack, 19 wounded – 5/13/15

• Nigeria: At least 30 killed in suicide bomb attack in Nigeria mosque, scores wounded – 5/31/15

• Australia to strip citizenship for terror links – 5/26/15

Earthquakes/ Extreme Weather/ Floods and Mega Storms

• Nebraska, Texas and Oklahoma storms: Heavy rains kill 1 on OK, cause severe flooding over several states in Plains. Train derailment, 1 death in Texas – 5/6/15

• Texas and Arkansas: At least 5 dead as line of tornadoes batter Northern Texas, Arkansas and Tennessee – 5/9/15—5/11/15

• Oklahoma and Texas Panhandle: 6 dead, flood evacuation orders issued, hundreds of homes underwater in historic flooding – Rain breaks records, 48 rescued -- 5/24/15

• Texas: Governor says deadly flooding is “worst ever seen in Texas” – 6 killed, 12 missing as floods and tornadoes destroyed homes and swept away bridges – 5/26/15

• India: Severe heatwave claims 600 lives; temps reach record 120 degrees – 5/25/15

• Japan: 6.8 magnitude quake strikes off coast of Japan – 5/31/15

• Nepal: Strong 6.3 quake strikes Nepal following deadly 7.8 quake April 25th that killed 8,200 people.

• Michigan: Rare 4.2 magnitude quake rattles Michigan – 5/2/15

• San Francisco: At least 5 quakes strike Bay Area – 5/3/15

• Oregon: Whole west coast moved over 48 hours due to 4.0 quake that occurred near erupting volcano – 5/22/15

• Alaska: 6.8 quake strikes off coast – 5/29/15

• Northern California: 5.1 magnitude quake strikes near Mt. Shasta volcano, minutes after 6.8 Alaskan quake – 5/29/15

Celebrity/ Sports/ College, School and Church Scandals

• Floyd Mayweather hit with $20 Million defamation lawsuit by ex-girlfriend – 5/6/15

• FLDS church members fined $2 Million for child labor violations – 5/8/15

• University of VA launches multi-million-dollar defamation suit against Rolling Stone and Sabrina Erdely – 5/12/15

• Largest auto recall in US history: Faulty Takata air bags cause recall 34 million vehicles– 5/19/15

• World Cup bombshell scandal: US indicts 14 top world soccer officials in $150 Million FIFA bribery scandal (24-year scheme) – 14 world soccer figures and FIFA officials charged with racketeering, bribery, money laundering and
fraud – 5/27/15

• Bill O’Reilly loses custody of his kids, was accused of domestic violence -5/18/15

• Bill Cosby sued for defamation by supermodel Janice Dickinson; Cosby assaulted ex-model in 1982 – 5/20/15

• The Duggars ‘19 Kids and Counting’ reality show sex scandal: Josh Duggar accused of molesting 5 underage girls as teen – 5/21/15 (Also predicted on “Calling Out” with Susan Pinsky May, 2015)

• Chicago Bears fire Ray McDonald after domestic violence arrest in CA – 5/25/15

• Man who appeared on reality TV show “Catfish” arrested on terror charges in Washington, DC – made 11 phone calls with bomb threats and hostage situations that were hoaxes – 5/27/15

• Robert Wagner ‘not cooperating’ as detectives uncover new evidence in Natalie Wood death – 5/31/15

• Brad Pitt’s former roommate and co-star found dead of overdose – 5/1/15

• NBA star Brittney Griner and her wife Glory Johnson suspended 7 games in domestic violence case – 5/15/15

• New York Times reporter and Pulitzer Prize-winning author Seymour Hersh claims that CIA lied repeatedly to public about “nearly every aspect” of bin Laden death raid – 5/11/15

• Sawyer Fredericks wins “The Voice” – 5/20/15 (predicted on Twitter 5/18/15)

Year of the Woman

• 92-year-old becomes oldest woman to finish a marathon (26.2 miles in San Diego, CA) – 5/31/15

• Marvel creates all-female superhero team “A-Force” -- 2/6/15
Give me love. Give me love

Give me peace on earth . . .

Give me hope. Help me cope

With this heavy load.

- George Harrison

Welcome all new Friends, Fans, and Future Fanatics spanning the globe!

This week, on November 13, 2015, horror struck Paris in an unprecedented manner. Three teams of terrorists launched deadly attacks on 7 locations throughout the French capitol, including a concert hall,
a restaurant, a mall and a sports stadium where a soccer match was underway. ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attacks.

It has been reported that over 133 innocent people were killed and more than 350 wounded in the highly coordinated attacks late Friday.
Eight extremists are dead after the attacks, seven of whom were killed in suicide bombings.

This is France’s 9/11.

The City of Lights was plunged into darkness, and the events affect us all on the deepest level.

U.S. President Barack Obama spoke with French President Francois Hollande to offer condolences and assistance in the investigation, the White House said. Earlier,
Obama said, "This is an attack not just on Paris, not just on the people of France, but an attack on all humanity and the universal values we share."
He called the attacks an "outrageous attempt to terrorize innocent civilians." Arrests have been made throughout Europe, in Germany, Belgium, Spain and the UK.

We have said it over and over, psychic intelligence could be so useful in these dangerous times. We are trying to get our message out.
It is so important that we all develop our own intuition and psychic “spidey senses” to avoid and possibly prevent these horrific experiences!
If government intelligence is failing us, we as individuals can be—and need to be—more prepared and vigilant for any eventuality.

Two days after the Paris attacks, French fighter jets bombed a series of ISIS strongholds in Raqqa, Syria, in what officials described as a major bombardment.

French security officials say at least three of the Paris attackers spent time training in Syria.

Our deepest condolences go out to all the victims and their loved ones in France.

Here is an exact transcription of our predictions about the terror attacks in France, and the bombing of the Russian jet in Egypt, made on Beyond the Gate Radio 1/11/15
(excerpt) – Full transcription of our entire World Predictions Show 2015-16 is available on

LINDA: ...and we've been saying for a couple of years on your show that extremist groups like ISIS and Al Qaeda would be increasing in power and reach. It was not “on the run.” By no
means was it on the run, was it going away, in spite of the narrative we kept hearing on TV… and we were like "No, no, it's going to get much worse!" And of course, we've seen the
results of that, and now I think everyone is sort of shocked into this awareness that things really have to change. There's no real policy for dealing with radical Islamism…


LINDA: the world. And you heard us talk about this many times, on your shows and others, and I really think this is a time where they can no longer afford to ignore the signs. They
can no longer, you know, pretend this isn't happening, and keep calling it a minor threat, a JV team...We really have to get real. We're seeing more intelligence sharing in ways that
never happened before.  Communities, governments sharing intelligence. There is going to be more of an outreach between communities and government leaders to strengthen
protections, I think now they have no choice, it's getting worse...

LINDA: We see attacks on media, military and civilians coming up… and on government more and more. It feels like terrorism...

TERRY: Terrorists.

LINDA: Yes. Terrorism…lone wolf terrorism, self-radicalized, ISIS and Al Qaeda-inspired and some of them pretty coordinated attacks, I dare say. They are very sophisticated
attacks…we're seeing low level attacks by lone wolves like the Boston marathon bombing and the Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris...

TERRY: The Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris were really a military attack.

LINDA: Yes, it was.

TERRY: It was not a lone wolf, as we see it was coordinated, and activated the France terror cell and they're...we are now really warning people to be on the lookout here and all over
Europe and the UK…

LINDA: You know, Al Qaeda and ISIS are extending their reach. There are going to be more self-radicalized people coming back from training over there in Syria, Iraq and Yemen and
coming back here and to Europe with some pretty serious terror plots.

TERRY: ...and we're seeing more terror attacks and plots… whether or not they happen, you know, we'll be prayerful because we can change things...

LINDA: Yes, we can.

LINDA: Now, we wanted to mention the places in other countries that we see possibly in high danger. Germany, Spain, for some reason we're getting Barcelona, never said that before,
starting to get it... and UK, England, I'm seeing the UK, London area...


TERRY: France...we're going to see more in France.

LINDA: Oh, yeah. Absolutely.

TERRY: And again, we predicted that, you know, a year ago.

LINDA: Yes. We see other areas of Spain and Italy, too, are targets....

TERRY: And India and Russia as well, yeah…Egypt.

LINDA: Yes. And we're seeing a couple of aviation tragedies… there are two very big, explosive tragedies having to do with big jets, at least one will be terror related, you guys, so be
careful. Um, really look sharp when you're traveling. We're seeing something that is involving mass casualties…

CHERYLL: This has been great, it's important to get the information out there, it's very important. So, thank you.

NOTE: Most of these predictions have already happened this year, including the ISIS terror bombing of the Russian passenger jet in Egypt last week. Sadly, all 224 passengers and crew
were killed when the plane exploded mid-air and crashed in Sinai on the way to St. Petersburg, Russia on October 31, 2015.
The Psychic Twins’ Top 20 Predictions That Happened
(All predicted on this year’s show 1/11/15, and last year’s show, which aired 1/6/14 on Beyond the Gate Radio)

Paris Terror attacks

7 terror attacks in Paris by ISIS called “Act of War” -worst violence since WW II.
133 dead, 389 wounded in unprecedented rampage; 8 terrorists also killed (11/13/15)

Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris:
12 dead, 11 wounded in office of satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo by gunmen from Al Qaeda terror group in Yemen. Several related attacks followed in Ile-de-France where another 5 people were killed and 11 wounded. (1/7/15)

California Massacre – “Worst terror attack since 9/11” and first ISIS attack in US
16 killed, 22 wounded in San Bernardino massacre by radicalized married couple with ISIS ties (12/2/15)

South Carolina AME Church mass shooting
9 killed by lone gunman in Charleston church prayer meeting was deadliest mass shooting in years (6/17/15)

Planned Parenthood mass shooting in Denver, Colorado
3 dead, 9 wounded, including 5 policemen: Lone gunman arrested after taking hostages, shootout with police in Colorado Springs (11/27/15)

Snow-pocalypse of 2015, record-breaking blizzards
Boston broke the all-time snow record, topping 108 inches. “The Blizzard of 2015” slammed New England with significant coastal flooding. Massive winter storms blasted the South and Mid-Atlantic states, and dozens of people died.
Niagara Falls and the Great Lakes froze solid. The “Arctic Blast” brought historic cold across the US, and some of the coldest weather in decades stretched from the Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico. Detroit and Chicago were hit with
their biggest snowstorms in history.

Germanwings jet crash in the French Alps
Germanwings passenger jet flying out of Barcelona crashed in the French Alps en route to Germany. The plane slammed into the mountainside at 430 miles per hour, and 150 innocent passengers were tragically killed in an instant.
Terry was having a nightmare about a plane crash when Linda woke her up early to tell her the news. The two of us watched in horror as the headlines flashed across every major network.
It quickly registered that we had predicted this tragedy in stark detail on our World Predictions Show 2015-16 on Beyond the Gate Radio that aired live just two months earlier, on January 11, 2015.

As the unimaginable facts emerged, it was found that the co-pilot of the doomed Germanwings flight deliberately crashed the plane after locking his captain out of the cockpit, French officials said. (3/24/15)

Baltimore riots
Baltimore police officers arrested Freddie Gray, 25, an African American. Gray sustained injuries to his neck and spine while in transport and died a week after the arrest.
Further protests were organized after Gray's death became public knowledge. Civil unrest continued for days, with at least twenty police officers injured, at least 250 people arrested, 285 to 350 businesses damaged,
150 vehicle fires, 60 structure fires, 27 drugstores looted, 1,200 police and 5,000 National Guard troops deployed, and a state of emergency was declared in Baltimore.  (4/12/15)

Anthem: Biggest healthcare data breach in history
The largest healthcare data breach in history occurred at the beginning of 2015. Insurance giant Anthem was the victim of a data breach that resulted in the theft of approximately 78.8 million highly sensitive patient records.
By the end of February, Anthem disclosed that the breach likely impacted an additional 8.8 to 18.8 million non-patient records that included names, birth dates, social security numbers, addresses and employment data.
The attack on Anthem was the beginning of a series of healthcare hacks this year, including assaults on Premera Blue Cross, CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield, UCLA Health Systems and Excellus BlueCross BlueShield.

Predicted both royal baby births on TV:
“We’re seeing a boy and a girl born within 3 years to Will and Kate…”
(Predicted on ‘Sunrise Australia’ TV in 2012)  

Portland, Oregon college massacre deadliest in Oregon history
Mass shooting by lone gunman left 10 dead, 7 wounded at Umpqua Community College. (10/1/15)

Historic Stock Market dive – biggest point drop in history
The Dow Jones plummeted a record 1,089 points in one hour, rebounded and then quickly dropping again. China had a major stock crash that affected all global markets.
The market drop is the largest point loss ever during a trading day, surpassing the Flash Crash of 2010, causing full-blown panic in markets globally.

“Hillary Clinton will announce a run for President in the spring, and she will be the overwhelming Democratic frontrunner…”
Hillary Clinton announced her run on April 13, 2015 and has dominated polls since.

Historic Supreme Court Ruling makes same-sex marriage a right nationwide
In a long-sought victory for the gay rights movement, the Supreme Court ruled by a 5 to 4 vote that the Constitution guarantees a right to same-sex marriage.
“No longer may this liberty be denied,” Justice Anthony M. Kennedy wrote for the majority in the historic decision.  (6/26/15)

Health and Medical breakthroughs – here are just a few of many predictions that happened in 2015!
*Cancer Breakthrough: High-power sound waves used to blast cancer cells.

British doctors develop revolutionary new therapy that can precisely target tumors without surgery  - 10/31/15

• Alzheimer’s: Drug restores brain function and memory in early Alzheimer’s disease (Johns Hopkins University) – 3/11/15

• Alzheimer’s treatment: Non-invasive ultrasound technology fully restores memory function –3/18/15

* Bionic Eye – FDA approves first Bionic Eye, blind man sees for the first time – 2/25/15

• HIV: Scientists ‘delete’ HIV virus from human DNA for the first time – important step on path to permanent cure of AIDS (Temple University School of Medicine) – 3/7/15
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