All predicted on 1/6/14 Beyond the Gate

Political Scandals and NSA/ WikiLeaks Scandals Predicted

Biggest Fraud Ever Perpetrated Against the Social Security Disability System in History: 110 New York Cops and Firefighters Charged in Massive 9/11 Fraud, scammed taxpayers and government
out of $400 Million since 1988 – 1/7/14

Feds investigate NJ Gov. Chris Christie’s Use of Sandy Relief Funds to Produce and Star in Tourism Ads – 1/13/14

Gov. Chris Christie “Bridge-Gate Scandal” – New Jersey Governor fires aides after closure of George Washington Bridge, insists he did not know about actions – 1/9/14

Air Force Scandal: Biggest Scandal in History of Air Force: At least 70 Officers Fired for Cheating – 1/16/14 (and 1/28/14 update)

New York Police Chief Brian Fanelli arrested for Possession and Trafficking Child Porn (White Plains NY) – 1/23/14

NSA Scandal – NSA Collected 200 Million Texts Per Day Worldwide, violating the constitutional rights of the American people and wasting billions of dollars – 1/8/14

NSA Whistleblower Edward Snowden tells German TV that NSA is involved in industrial espionage – 1/26/14

Microsoft, Apple, Google, Yahoo, Facebook and Linked-In sued government in the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court to disclose the NSA data. – 1/27/14

Obama admin to let tech companies release more government surveillance data – 1/27/14

Leaked documents reveal NSA spying through Angry Birds, Google Maps – 1/27/14

NSA has implanted software in nearly 100,000 computers around the world that allow the US to ply and launch cyberattacks – 1/14/14

Leaked document reveals that the NSA was spying on Denmark and the UN, which is illegal – 1/30/14

Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell and Wife Indicted on 14 Counts of Fraud, accepting gifts – 1/8/14

Florida Rep. Trey Radel returns to Congress after cocaine arrest – 1/4/14

The U.S. Senate confirms Janet Yellen as first woman to head the Federal Reserve in history – 1/6/14 (hours after we predicted more women would be taking higher positions of power in
government and corporate world)

Former Pentagon Chief Robert Gates memoir rocks Obama administration. Gates was critical of Obama war leadership – 1/8/14

Disappointing Youth Enrollment - Just 24% Obamacare enrollees are 18 to 34 – 1/14/14

Economy / Financial Fraud/ Scandals/ Cyberattacks

Target Cyber-hacking Scandal Grows: 110 Million Customers Hit. Credit Cards and personal info stolen and sold and made public by Russian hackers – 1/10/14 (also predicted on 1/20/13 show)

Five Other Stores Victim to Cyber-Security Hack Attacks Including Neiman Marcus – 1/11/14

National Nuclear Security Administration has been the target of 10 million cyber attacks per day – 1/19/14

Hackers Post Account Information of 4.6 Million Snapchat Users – 1/2/14 (predicted on last year’s show 1/20/13)

Hackers Access 16 Million Email Accounts in Germany – 1/21/14

Novartis Pharmaceuticals Sued Over Kickback Scheme – 1/9/14

Weakest Job Growth in 3 years Came as “Huge Surprise to Economists” – 1/10/14

Employment at lowest level since 1978 – 1/10/14

JP Morgan Chase & Co. will pay $1.7 Billion penalty to settle charges that they failed to report Bernard Madoff’s Ponzi scheme – 1/7/14

Stock Correction That Economists Missed - Stock Market Drops 4% Amid Global Sell-Off, Bleak Earnings; Worst Week for Stocks since 2011 – 1/24/14

Wall Street posted its worst January in four years (Stock Correction we predicted 1/6/14) - 1/31/14

Stocks plunge globally after emerging markets sell-off – 1/25/14

Church Corruption and Scandals

Famous Kabbalah Centre Leader Yehuda Berg Sued for $55 Million for sexual attack of a woman, and threatening to kill her – 1/17/14

Pope Defrocked 400 Priests for Sexual Abuse of Children Over a 2-year Period, Vatican report shows - 1/17/14

Catholic Nun, 83, Breaks Into National Weapons Complex, Faces up to 30 Years in Prison – 1/15/14

Investigators Bust International Pedophile Ring, 29 Arrested – 1/16/14

Terrorism and Lone Wolf Terror Attacks, School Shootings

Terror New York Super Bowl 2014: 7 envelopes of white powder found at three hotels near Super Bowl and sent to NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani. – 1/31/14

Mall Shooting outside Washington DC: 3 killed including shooter, bombs and weapons found (Columbia Mall) – 1/25/14

4 Shot at North Carolina Church – 1/28/14

Wave of Bombings in Iraq Kill at Least 20 People – 1/5/14

Bloodshed Leaves 100 Dead in Iraq Over 24 hours – 1/16/14

25 Militants Killed in Iraq by Missile Strikes in Ramadi – 1/7/14

Two women Arrested in London Terror plot - One arrested at Heathrow Airport, Homes Searched in London – 1/16/14

Al Qaeda is on the Rebound, 2 Years After End of Iraq War  - 1/7/14

Al Qaeda Attacks Killed 56 People in Ramadi, Iraq – 1/7/14

More Than 700 People Arrested After Attacks in Volgograd, Russia. 34 Killed – 1/12/14

7 Killed in Shootout During Pre-Olympics Sweep in Russia. Top Rebel Leader has Called on His Followers to Attack the 2014 Sochi Olympics – 1/14/14

Russia Car Killings, 6 Victims Found Dead in Abandoned Vehicles Near Sochi Olympics Site – 1/9/14

Winter Olympics: Russia Arrests Five Jihad Terror Plotters Near Sochi, Fear More Attacks – 1/12/14

US and Russian Forces Hunt 4 Female Terrorists, Jihadist Widows Feared Inside Olympics Zone – 1/20/14

50 Dead, 250 wounded and 1,000 arrested on Egypt’s Arab-Spring Uprising Anniversary – 1/27/14

Egypt: Gunmen kill Senior Egyptian Interior Ministry official – 1/28/14

Four Bombings Rock Egypt’s Capital Cairo, Killing 19 and Wounding 50 - Most significant attack yet in the city – 1/24/14

Egypt: Explosion Rocks Cairo Police Headquarters, 6 Killed – 1/24/14

Central African Convoy Attack Kills 22 in Religious Violence – 1/18/14

Syria Militants With Ties to Al Qaeda Recruiting Visiting Americans to Attack U.S. – 1/10/14

Florida Dad Killed by Retired Cop in Movie Theater Shooting – 1/14/14

Florida State College shooting, Eastern Florida State – 1/30/14

Los Angeles school shooting – Man in critical after shooting at LA Valley College – 1/25/14

5 People Killed in Spanish Fork, Utah - 1/17/14

3 Dead in Indiana Supermarket Shooting – 1/16/14

South Carolina Mental Health Center shooting leaves one dead – 1/27/14

Student Killed in South Carolina State University Shooting – 1/24/14

Two School Shootings in Pennsylvania, One at Philadelphia High School - 1/17/14

Student Shot at Widener University, Chester Pennsylvania – 1/21/14

Georgia School Shooting – 1/17/14

Health and Medical Breakthroughs

Dramatic Cancer breakthrough: researchers discover key protein in lymphoma cells called survival protein – 1/8/14

Groundbreaking Cancer Therapy: Breakthrough has the potential to transform the way cancer is treated (Ottawa Children’s Hospital) 1/27/14

Breast Cancer Breakthrough: A new drug could stop the spread of breast cancer in its tracks. It targets a protein that plays a role in cancer’s spreading (metastasis) – 1/27/14

Diabetes Breakthrough: Oral insulin capsule trial is a success – 1/30/14

Diabetes Breakthrough: Smart contact lens! Google contact lens measures glucose in tears using a wireless chip and miniature glucose sensor – 1/17/14

Stem Cell Breakthrough: Researchers have developed a new method of making stem cells. Praised as “The simplest, cheapest, fastest method ever."  – 1/30/14

Stem cell Breakthrough: Potential found for using blood in umbilical cord to treat range of diseases – 1/6/14

Heart Valve Replacement System approved by FDA – 1/17/14

Blindness Breakthrough: Gene therapy heralded, can halt and reverse blindness – 1/16/14

MS Breakthrough: Researchers pinpoint specific bacterial toxin that may trigger Multiple Sclerosis (Cornell). Offers hope for future therapies, vaccines for MS – 1/29/14

Autism Breakthrough: Croatia pioneers use of robots to diagnose Autism – 1/26/14

Diabetes: Mediterranean diet rich in extra virgin olive oil protects against Diabetes - 30% found less likely to develop Diabetes – 1/7/14

Extreme Weather/ Mega Storms

Rare ice storm “Leon” paralyzes Southern states, Georgia, leaves thousands of motorists stranded; causes more than 1,460 crashes between Tuesday morning and Wednesday evening,
including two fatal crashes, and more than 175 injuries – 1/28-29/14

Killer Winter Storm, Bitter cold, all-time record lows (colder than -50 below) in Midwest states kills at least 16 – 1/7/14

California declares epic drought emergency “worst in history - nothing like this has ever happened before.” Impacts 25 million people – 1/17/14

Japan’s nuclear plant crisis impacts US, Fukishima fall-out: DOUBLE the normal amount of radiation found in Missouri and San Francisco beach prompts investigation – 1/7/14


Strong 6.1 Earthquake Rocks Indonesia – 1/25/14

6.3 Earthquake rocks New Zealand capital of Wellington – 1/19/14

Vancouver Quake (Pacific NW) – 1/14/14

Southern California, series of earthquakes – dates?

Celebrity Scandals

Pop star Justin Bieber arrested for DUI, drag racing in Florida
Justin Bieber faces felony charges for egg-throwing incident in California – 1/14/14

175,000 people sign petition to deport Justin Bieber from the US – 1/29/14

Celebrity chef Mario Batali, host of The Chew, ordered to pay $5.25 Million for skimming tips from his restaurant help – 1/30/14

Playboy model/ actress found dead of drug overdose in L.A. - Former Playboy model Cassandra Lynn Hensley dead at 34 – 1/15/14
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All predicted on 1/6/14 Beyond the Gate

Political Scandals and NSA/ WikiLeaks Scandals Predicted

Massive Recruiting Fraud, Kickback Scandal Rocks US Army. More than 800 soldiers are under criminal investigation for gaming a National Guard program that paid hundreds of millions in
bonuses to soldiers. – 2/3/14

Military Sex Abuse Scandal – More than a thousand records paint a disturbing picture of chaotic military record. – 2/9/14

Number of US Soldiers Forced Out of Army due to Misconduct has more than Tripled (11,000 last year) – 2/15/14

Lawsuit Alleges Widespread Abuse of Cadets at Kansas Military School – 2/16/14

Spain’s Princess Cristina in court in connection with a corruption scandal. This is the first time a member of Spain’s royal family has appeared in court for a criminal investigation. Her husband is
accused of defrauding governments of millions of Euros of public money. – 2/8/14

Ex Mayor of New Orleans Ray Nagin convicted on 20 counts of corruption for bribery, conspiracy, and tax evasion. Nagin accepted more than half a million dollars and vacations in payouts. –

Optic Nerve Surveillance: Millions of Yahoo Webcam Images Intercepted by US NSA and GCHQ – 2/27/14

US Eavesdropping on Hundreds of Key German Figures, as revealed by Edward Snowden – 2/23/14

Five Eyes are Watching You: US Media Blacks out Snowden Interview. “Super National Intelligence Organization Known as Five Eyes” Revealed – 2/10/14

Obamacare Will Raise Premiums for 65% of Small Firms – 2/25/14

Economy / Financial Fraud/ Scandals/ Cyberattacks

Stock Market in Japan is collapsing, the Nikkei down by more than 2,300 points.  The Nikkei slumped 8.5% last month, today caps a 14% drop from Dec. 30 peak – 2/6/14

Biggest ever: Massive DDoS Cyber Attack hits EU- and US- based servers. More powerful than 2013 Spamhaus attacks we predicted last year. – 2/11/14

Lawsuit: Bernie Madoff says JP Morgan execs knew about massive Ponzi scheme for 20 years but chose to turn a blind eye – 2/20/14

Tax Evasion Scandal: Credit Suisse, the Swiss banking giant, helped rich clients hide $12 Billion from IRS using cloak and dagger tactics – Senate report – 2/26/14

Church Corruption and Scandals

Mormon President Thomas S. Monson Faced With Fraud Charges – 2/5/14

UN panel orders Vatican to kick out priests who sexually abuse children – 2/5/14

Terrorism and Lone Wolf Terror Attacks, School Shootings

Sochi Winter Olympics Hijack: Day of Sochi Opening Ceremony, Passenger with Bomb tries to Hijack Plane to Sochi Russia. Plane lands in Turkey – 2/7/14

Austrian Olympic athletes receive kidnap threats in German emails – 2/4/14

Russia Terror: Ukraine Leader Warns Russia After Armed Men Seize Government HQ in Crimea – 2/27/14

Two dead in Russian school hostage drama one week before Sochi Winter Olympic Games – 2/3/14

Russia: 5 militants killed in Dagestan raid – 2/8/14

US Government warns airlines to beware of possible shoe bombers – 2/20/14

Worst Terror Attack on US Power Grid in History. Details emerge of sniper attack on California Power Station. Called “the most significant incident of domestic terrorism involving the US power
grid that has ever occurred.”  - 2/5/14

Chicago: 4 Dead in Murder/ Suicide – 2/27/14

Chicago Terror Threats: DeVry University close all their Chicago campuses for a day after terror threats -- 2/10/14

California: Four dead in shooting at tribal HQ meeting – 2/21/14

California Terror: Record stash of homemade explosives found in California home – 2/9/14

New York: Bomb threat made at former President Bill Clinton’s building in Harlem – 2/27/14

New York real estate developer Gary Melius, owner of castle, shot. Manhunt underway – 2/25/14

Pennsylvania Shootings: Two sisters of Iowa State Rep found dead of gunshot wounds – 2/9/14

Virginia Mall Shooting at Military Circle, Norfolk – 2/14/14

Virginia Shooting: Police in Alexandria Virginia launch manhunt for serial killer after two people murdered – 2/10/14

UK: Crude bombs sent to 7 Army Recruitment Offices by Northern Ireland Terrorists – 2/13/14

Tennessee: Mail bomb explodes, killing Tennessee lawyer and wife in home. Son-in-law arrested – 2 /12/14

Virginia Tech Murder: Student murdered, fellow student charged – 2/13/14

Michigan: 2 Students shot on Michigan State Campus – 1/1/14

Michigan school shooting at Ferris State University Campus – 2/2/14

Kansas City, Missouri school shooting – 1/22/14

2 shot and killed at Vancouver, Washington business; Nearby schools on lockdown – 2/3/14

Houston Texas: Mass killing of family of four – 2/5/14

Man kills self and daughter, shoots 2 other family members in Houston Texas (second mass killing in Houston in same week) – 2/5/14

Colorado Hostage-Taker killed in Denver after 18-hour standoff – 2/4/14

Arizona: 1 dead in Arizona Walmart Shooting – 2/16/14

Ohio School Plot: Two teenage girls face felony charges for plotting a school shooting in Marysville Ohio – 2/4/14

Yemen: rebels overrun tribal stronghold in Yemen, 42 dead – 2/2/14

Yemen: 7 killed, inmates escape when militants attacked a Yemeni prison assault – 2/13/14

Syria: Top intelligence chiefs warn Syria could become base from which extremist, Al Qaeda-linked groups could attack the US – 2/4/14

Central Africa: Rights groups warn of ethnic cleansing of Muslims in Central African Republic – 2/12/14

Central African Republic “falling apart” in horrific violence, thousands killed and a million people displaced over past 2 months – 2/7/14

Nigeria: Boko Haram targets Christian town, kills 106 – 2/17/14

Nigeria: Islamist militants kill 40 students at college – 2/25/14

Somalia: Car bomb kills 12 in Mogadishu, Somalia – 2/27/14

China: 11 Terrorists, including 3 suicide bombers, killed in Xinjiang region – 2/14/14

Israel foils Al Qaeda plot on US Embassy in Tell Aviv – planned suicide bombing and bombing of other targets – 2/22/14

Egypt: Sinai bus bomb blast kills 4 tourists and driver  - 2/16/14

Egypt: Terror group has emerged as a prolific and lethal force, striking targets across Egypt – 2/18/14

Health and Medical Breakthroughs

Human lung made in lab for the first time! Exciting progress in regenerative medicine (researchers at University of Texas) – 2/14/14

Man gets prosthetic hand that can feel (Rome) – 2/18/14

DNA tests may predict prostate cancer risk (London) – 2/21/14

Grape Seed shown to be effective against bowel cancer, aids in chemo and reduces side-effects – 2/15/14

Simple paper urine test may detect cancer, blood clots (PNAS) – 2/25/14

Lung cancer drug improves survival in trial (Ramucirumab) – 2/19/14

New treatment may help combat deadliest form of brain cancer – nanofibers mimic blood vessels and nerve fibers – 2/18/14

Cancer “monorails” can lead cancers to their doom by tricking cancer cells – 2/17/14

Cancer Breakthrough: High doses of Vitamin C boost the effects of chemo and lessen side-effects of treatment. – 2/8/14

MS Breakthrough: Blood sample might predict MS long before symptoms start – could lead to earlier diagnosis and treatment of the central nervous system disorder (Munich) – 2/21/14

New study links pesticides (DDT) to Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease. – 2/3/14

Colon Cancer Breakthrough: A simple at-home test can now effectively detect Colon Cancer. – 2/4/14

3D Printing and Tissue Engineering Breakthrough - Researchers and BWH and Carnegie Mellon introduce a micro-robotic technique to assemble components of complex materials. – 2/11/14

Study involving baby twin sisters provides clues for battling aggressive cancers (Study was in China and US) – 2/9/14

ADHD Breakthrough: Acetaminophen use in pregnancy may be linked to ADHD, ADD – 2/24/14 (Predicted on The Allie Cheslick Show 6/2/13)

Extreme Weather/ Mega Storms

Cancelled! Airlines Scrap Record Number of Flights. Close to One Million Flights Cancelled due to 25 Extreme Winter Snow and Ice Storms in the US in 2014 – 2/28/14

Another Arctic Blast Strikes Midwest, brings 78 inches of snow to Detroit this season – 2/28/14

Tornadoes: At least 22 tornadoes were confirmed by the National Weather Service by Friday night across 9 states: including eight tornadoes in Illinois, four in Alabama, three in southern
Mississippi, two in North Carolina and at least one in Louisiana, Maryland, Florida and Ohio. (We predicted these on the TV special 'True Believers'
which we filmed on 1/3/14, and on Beyond the Gate Radio 1/6/14)
- Weather Channel

Massive ice and snow storm, worst of the winter, cripples US South and east coast, affecting 22 states from Texas to Maine. 21 dead, millions out of power. -2/13/14

Stormpocalypse – 2/14/14
Nearly 6,000 homes have been flooded along the Thames Valley and elsewhere following England's wettest January in 250 years.

Rare Tokyo Snowstorm is worst in a decade – 2/8/14

Japan: Heavy snow kills 12 in Tokyo and other cities – 2/16/14


2 Big Earthquakes rock Fukushima – 2/8/14

Extremely Dangerous 7.3 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Xinjiang, China – 60,000 severly damaged houses, 85,000 people relocated, 11,500 animals killed – 2/12/14

Strong Taiwan Earthquake: 5.4 earthquake strikes Taiwan – 2/22/14

Celebrity Scandals and Predictions

Oscar-winning film actor Philip Seymour Hoffman, 46, found dead of a drug overdose in his Manhattan apartment, shocking fans.
65 bags of heroin and prescription drugs found. – 2/2/14

4 arrested in connection with the overdose death of Oscar winner Philip Seymour Hoffman. – 2/5/14

Singer Selena Gomez Secretly Enters Rehab – 2/5/14

Bill Cosby Sex Assault Scandal – Newsweek interviewed Tamara Green and Barbara Bowman, two of 13 women who accused comic legend Bill Cosby of drugging and sexually assaulting them in
a civil lawsuit. – 2/12/14

Woody Allen Sex Abuse Scandal - Adopted daughter describes in stomach-churning detail how the iconic film director sexually abused her as a child.
“When I was seven years old, Woody Allen took me by the hand and led me into a dim, closet-like attic on the second floor of our house…” wrote Dylan Farrow,  now 28. – 2/1/14

Fashion legend dies: Arthur Ortenberg, Liz Claiborne Founder, Dies at 87 -Revolutionized fashion – 2/5/14

Reality show star dies – Snake-handling preacher dies of snakebite – star of “Snake Salvation” on NAT GEO Channel – 2/16/14

Bombshell American Idol Lawsuit Claims Sony Stiffs Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson, seeking $10 Million in damages – 2/21/14

NFL Star Darren Sharper Accused of Sex Assault: 7 Women in 4 States – 2/14/14

Meredith Vieira Becomes First Woman to Host Olympics Primetime Solo! 2/14/14

Paris will elect a woman as Mayor, first time ever – 1/29/14
Listen to the edited version of the show here
starting from the predictions part:
Current Predictions from Beyond the Gate
that happened already for 2014.

All predicted on 1/6/14 Beyond the Gate

Political Scandals and NSA/ WikiLeaks Scandals Predicted

California Democratic Senator and 26 mobsters indicted for corruption, conspiracy and gun trafficking in American Hustle-style FBI sting. – 3/27/14

NSA Hacked Chinese Global Telecom Company, according to leaked Snowden docs – 3/23/14

3 Secret Service Agents Sent Home from Netherlands for acute intoxication, ahead of President Obama’s arrival – 3/26/14

Army General on Trial for sex crimes (Brig. Gen. Jeffrey Sinclair) – 3/5/14

9 Air Force Commanders Fired Over Nuclear Missile Test Cheating Scandal – 3/27/14

Top Lawmaker Feinstein Accuses CIA of Illegally Spying on Senate – 3/11/14

Women Take the Lead in 2014-15:

Paris Gets First Female Mayor in history! Anne Hidalgo – 3/30/14

Economy / Financial Fraud/ Scandals/ Cyberattacks

Global Stocks Tumble as Ukraine Tensions Intensify – 3/10/14

Hackers Steal Data for 12 Million Customers at S. Korean Phone Giant – 3/6/14

IRS says Phone Scam Largest Ever - 20,000 taxpayers have lost more than $1 Million – 3/20/14

More than 100 Arrested in International Fraud Crackdown, spanning Spain, the UK, US and Serbia – 2/28/13

Two Dozen Arrested in Home Insurance Fraud Ring, Southern Florida – 2/4/14

American Bitcoin Exchange CEO Found Dead at 28, 8th suspicious death in financial sector this year – 3/5/14

Massive Fake Health and Beauty Supplies Ring Busted – “Biggest counterfeit enterprise in US History” – 3/9/14

Service Employees Union Fined $205,000 for Campaign Violation – 3/10/14

Lady Gaga Charity Scandal - Donated Just $5,000 of its $2.1 Million – Born This Way Foundation – 3/12/14

Collin Street Bakery Accountant and wife indicted, embezzled $16.6 Million over 8 years – 3/14/14

FDIC Sues 16 Big Banks for Rigging LIBOR Rates – 3/14/14

US Government Sues Sprint for False Wiretap Claims – 3/4/14

Church Corruption and Scandals
$600,000 Stolen from Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church in Houston TX – 3/11/14

Terrorism and Lone Wolf Terror Attacks, School Shootings

Ukraine Crisis: Russian Soldiers Seize Crimea Hospital – 3/10/14

Russian Gunmen Storm Bases in Crimea and Seize Control – 3/11/14

Russian Troops Seize Gas Plant Beyond Crimean Border – 3/15/14

2,000 Russian Soldiers Land in “Armed Invasion” of Crimea, Ukraine – 3/1/14

Russia Executes De Facto Takeover of Crimea Region – 3/1/14

20 Police Feared Dead in Maoist Attack in India – 3/11/14

New York City “Tragedy of Worst Kind” – Explosion, 8 Dead as Two Buildings Collapse, 5-Alarm Fire, Bomb Squad on Scene (East Harlem) – 3/12/14

North Carolina: 4 Dead and Manhunt – 3/13/14

California Man Arrested Near Canadian Border (in Seattle Washington) in Subway Bombing Terror Plot – 3/17/14

Al Qaeda Calls for Car Bombs in Major US Cities – 3/19/14

Washington D.C: Georgetown University Student Accused of Ricin Possession (Deadly Toxin) – 3/22/14

Virginia Navy Base: 2 Killed in Shooting – 3/25/14

Missouri: FBI Searching for Army Recruit Who Was Planning a “Fort-Hood Inspired Jihad Against US Soldiers – 3/31/14

Health and Medical Breakthroughs

Cure Found for Type 2 Diabetes – Study discovers rare genetic mutation – 3/7/14

Surgery Gives Long-term Help for Obese Diabetics – 3/31/14

Oral Contraceptives linked to increased risk of MS – 2/28/14

Big Advance in HIV Prevention – 3/4/14

Second baby born with HIV possibly cured by early treatment – 3/5/14

Scientists Map Evolution of HIV-Killing Antibody – 3/3/14

Immune Upgrade Give “HIV Shielding” – 3/6/14

Doctors Grow Ears, Noses Using Body Fat Stem Cells – 3/5/14

First Stem Cell Study of Bipolar Disorder Offers Hope – 3/25/14

Breast Cancer: Natural Treatment Breakthrough – Vitamin D Linked to Improved Survival rates – 3/7/14

Blood Test Predicts Alzheimer’s Disease – 3/9/14

Landmark Alzheimer’s Study Pinpoints Protein that Protects Aging Brain – 3/19/14

Autism Starts during second trimester: new study - 3/27/14

Autism disorders greatly linked with environmental factors (study) – 3/14/14

Blood Test can rule out heart attack in hospital ER – 3/31/14

FDA Approves Device to Treat Migraines – 3/13/14

Anorexia Breakthrough: Love Hormone may treat Anorexia – 3/12/14

Blood Test Offers Swifter and Safer Diagnosis of Sport Brain Injury – 3/13/14

Extreme Weather/ Mega Storms

Major 8.3 and 7.9 Magnitude Earthquakes Rock Chile; Tsunami Warnings issued, west coast evacuated – 3/31/14

Yellowstone National Park (in Pacific NW) shaken by largest earthquake in 34 years – 3/31/14

Los Angeles - 5.1 and 5.3 Mag Quakes Strike L.A. Area (La Habra) with over 100 aftershocks – 3/28/14

Indonesia - 5.5 and 6.3 Mag Earthquakes reported off Andaman and Nicobar Islands – 3/14/14 and 3/21/14

Chile Rocked by Two Strong Earthquakes, 6.7 and 6.2 – Tsunami Warning Activated – 3/16/14

Japan – Strong 6.3 Quake jolts Japan’s Kyushu Island – 3/13/14

Japan – 6.7 Quake hits off Okinawa – 3/3/14

Mexico – 6.2 Quake Hits off Mexico’s Southern Coast – 3/2/14

Washington: Massive Mile-wide Mudslide Kills 30 People, 100 missing after earthquake and flooding rains trigger tons of mud to slide. Oso, Washington – 3/22/14

Flash Flooding Swamps parts of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida including New Orleans – 3/28/14

Celebrity Scandals and Predictions

Fashion Icon Death: Mick Jagger’s Girlfriend, Designer L’Wren Scott Dead of Suicide in NYC  - 3/17/14

Paris elects a woman as Mayor, first time ever – 1/29/14

Stacy Keibler Marries Tech Entrepreneur Jared Pobre in beach wedding - 3/8/14 (predicted in reading in 2010)

Joe and Teresa Giudice (Real Housewives reality show stars) Plead Guilty to Fraud, Failure to File Taxes. Both face 4 years in prison – 3/4/14

TV Pitchman Kevin Trudeau Heads to Prison for 10 years for Fraud – 3/17/14

Predicted all the top 2014 Oscar winners
(Predicted on Twitter)

Best picture - "12 Years a Slave”

Best Actor in a leading role - Matthew McConaughey - "Dallas Buyers Club"

Best Actor in a supporting role Jared Leto - "Dallas Buyers Club"

Best Actress in a leading role - Cate Blanchett - "Blue Jasmine"

Best Actress in a supporting role - Lupita Nyong'o - "12 Years a Slave"

Best Director - Alfonso Cuaron - "Gravity"

All predicted on 1/6/14 Beyond the Gate

Political Scandals

Political scandal deepens: IRS emails show Lois Lerner talked with DOJ about pursuing/auditing political groups, Tea party – 4/16/14

New York Republican congressman Grimm to be indicted for campaign finance violations – 4/25/14

Indicted art dealer and painter were “masters of forgery and deceit” and earned more than $30 million from museums and galleries – 4/23/14
Obamacare website fix will cost $121 Million – 4/30/14

Health Secretary Kathleen Sebelius resigns after heavy criticism over flawed Obamacare website – 4/10/14

Obamacare sends premiums rising at fastest clip in decades – 4/4/14

Economy / Financial Fraud/ Scandals/ Cyberattacks

Stocks Plunge, Biotech takes hit. Dow drops 300 points, Nasdaq suffers biggest fall since 2011 in triple digit loss – 4/10/14

IRS workers who didn’t pay taxes got $2.8 million in bonuses – 4/23/14

Bank of America finds a mistake: $4 billion less capital than reported – 4/29/14

$6 Billion goes missing at State Department – 4/5/14

Legal fraud of the century: $9.5 billion judgment against Chevron -Environmental activist engaged in massive racketeering scheme – 4/20/14

Obamacare sends premiums rising at fastest clip in decades – 4/4/14

7 million insurance policies have been cancelled due to Obamacare  -4/30/14

Michaels Stores hack attack hit 3 million people, lasted 8 months – 4/17/14

China is poised to overtake the US as biggest economy of the world by year’s end – 4/30/14 (Predicted in 2012 and 2013)

“Worst bug Internet has ever seen” - Security virus “Heartbleed” hits up to 66% of the internet - fatal flaw in safety feature – 4/11/14

Internet Explorer Bug used by hackers to attack U.S. defense and financial firms  – 4/28/14

Church Corruption and Scandals

Preacher accused of 59 counts of molesting girls in Minnesota – 4/17/14

Terrorism and Lone Wolf Terror Attacks, School Shootings

3 dead in shootings by white supremacist at Jewish facilities in Kansas City, Missouri suburb – 4/13/14

Atlanta, Georgia: FedEx worker wounds 6 people, kills self in shooting rampage at FedEx warehouse – 4/29/14

Colorado: Triple slaying – 3/9/14

China: blast rocks train station during Chinese President’s visit to region, at least 50 injured – 4/30/14

Video shows large Al Qaeda meeting in Yemen to plot attacks on US – most lethal Al Qaeda affiliate AQAP – largest gathering in years; CIA misses it – 4/15/14

CNN report: Al Qaeda affiliate groups gaining strength, becoming more dangerous, State Dept. terror report says – 4/30/14

US representative Mike Rogers calls Al Qaeda “More diverse and more aggressive than pre-9/11” – 4/16/14

Yemen: Militants kill 5 soldiers at checkpoint – 4/4/14

15 dead in bomb attack as Afghanistan waits for election results – 4/3/14

Marine guard shot to death by colleague at North Carolina base – 4/8/14

Explosion near Pakistani capital of Islamabad kills at least 17, injures 41 – 4/8/14

Afghanistan Taliban attack: Roadside bomb kills 15 – 4/7/14

Iraq: Deputy Prime Minister survives assassination attempt; Bodyguard killed – 4/11/14

Iraq: Car bomb kills at least 16, wounds 12 – 4/13/14

India Terror Attack: Maoist attack polling parties in Chhattisgarh - 15 killed, including 6 policemen – 4/12/14

Blast kills 72, injures 124 at bus station in Nigeria – 4/14/14

Kansas City police arrest man in highway sniper shooting spree of dozens – 4/17/14

South Sudan: 48 killed in attack on peacekeepers’ base, UN says – 4/19/14

South Sudan rebels kill hundreds of Muslims – 4/22/14

Yemen: Drone attacks kill 70 Al Qaeda suspects - “massive and unprecedented” attacks – 4/21/14

Iraq: Suicide bombings, attacks in Iraq kill 30 people, wound 70 – 4/21/14

Iraq: Bombings by Al Qaeda kill 31 at Baghdad, Iraq election campaign rally – 4/25/14

Iraq: 57 killed in suicide bomb attacks at rally – 4/28/14

Nigeria (Central Africa): 234 girls kidnapped from school by Islamic extremists – 4/21/14

Health and Medical Breakthroughs

Major breakthrough in non-invasive treatment for age-related blindness (macular degeneration) – Interleukin – 4/2/14

Aspirin may extend lives of some colon cancer patients – 4/1/14

Spinal cord breakthrough: First time electrical stimulation has helped paralyzed patients move voluntarily – 4/9/14

Artificial blood breakthrough: Stem cell research has produced red blood cells fit for transfusion into humans – 4/15/14

Cloning first: Scientists create Stem cells from adults genetically identical to donor – 4/17/14

Diabetes breakthrough: Increasing daily coffee consumption may protect against Type 2 Diabetes – 4/25/14

Earthquakes/Extreme Weather/ Mega Storms

Second Strong 7.8 magnitude quake hits off northern Chile – 4/2/2014

Strong 6.7 quake strikes off Canada’s Vancouver Island – 4/23/14

Epic storms and 65 tornadoes wreak havoc across Midwest, South and East – Death toll hits 39, with 865 reports of unusually severe weather; $1 Billion in damages (One tornado was an EF-4) -

(Predicted all of these tornadoes and exact locations on TV special “True Believers” 1/3/14)

Record flooding in Florida is worst in 30 years – 4/29/14

Hundreds rescued from floodwaters in Florida and Alabama – historic rainfall -4/29/14

Celebrity Scandals

Top Hollywood bosses – former Fox head, top BBC exec and Disney TV president – accused with X-men director Brian Singer of abusing young boys in pedophile ring – 4/21/14

Singer Paul Simon and his wife arrested in New Canaan, CT for domestic violence – 4/28/14

Clippers owner Donald Sterling banned for life from NBA and fined $2.5 million by NBA for racist comments – 4/29/14

Dozens of sponsors flee Clippers after Donald Sterling racism scandal – 4/28/14

Year of the Woman: Again, a female cop is hero at Fort Hood massacre – A female police officer risked her life to bring violent rampage to an end – 4/4/14

UPDATE ON MH370 Missing Malaysia Flight: Australian Prime Minister is confident that series of underwater pings are coming from the missing plane in South Indian Ocean – 4/10/14 (Predicted
on Sisters for the Soul radio)
IN MAY 2014

All predicted on 1/6/14 Beyond the Gate

Political Scandals

An avalanche of new Snowden documents go online – 5/8/14

New York: 70 arrested in online child porn ring, including Rabbi, little league coach, police officers and nurses – 5/21/14

Veterans Affairs (VA) scandal widens to many cities. Workers regularly falsified documents to show patients were seen by doctors within 2 weeks, when if fact 57,000 had waited months for
medical care – 5/8/14

Team Obama was warned about Vets Scandal in 2008. 16 states report cover-ups – 5/19/14

Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki resigns over growing VA scandal – 5/30/14

Secret Service agents pulled off White House patrol, abandoned their posts over 2 months in illegal use of government resources – 5/11/14

Former Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner claims in his memoir that White House asked him to lie about deficit – 5/12/14

New York Times executive editor Jill Abramson fired for seeking equal pay – 5/14/14

White House scrambles to contain damage after outing CIA chief in Afghanistan – 5/27/14

Biggest ever corruption trial opens in Hong Kong. Billionaire brothers charged with 8 offenses – 5/8/14

9/11 Scandal: Families furious over 9/11 Memorial Museum – 5/19/14

Economy / Financial Fraud/ Scandals

CNN hero Somaly Mam in Cambodia resigns after Newsweek expose, false story comes to light – 5/31/14

New Jersey Ponzi Scheme: Fort Smith woman surrenders in $42 million dollar ponzi scheme investigation – 5/28/14

Global crackdown: Fake medicines worth $31 million seized, agents arrest 237 people worldwide – 5/22/14

US Economy worst since 2011 - shrinks in 1st quarter, winter slowdown worse than experts predicted - 5/29/14


U.S. utility’s control system (Water and Power) was hacked, says Homeland Security – 5/20/14

Hackers in Iran use social media to target top senior U.S. and Israeli officials. Called “Most elaborate social media espionage campaigns ever seen.” – 5/31/14

“Creepware” – More than 90 people nabbed in global hacker sting. Called “one of the largest global cybercrime crackdowns” involving 19 countries – 5/19/14

5 Chinese hackers infiltrated U.S. industrial companies – first time U.S. has accused another country of espionage – 5/19/14

EBay tells users to change passwords after hack attack – 5/21/14

Terrorism and Lone Wolf Terror Attacks, School Shootings

Syria: Al Qaeda renegade group kills 15 Kurds in Northern Syria – 5/30/14

Syria: Rebels bomb Aleppo hotel that houses government forces. 14 killed, dozens injured – 5/8/14

Syria: Car bomb kills at least 29, dozens wounded – 5/15/14

Ukraine: Fighting rages with pro-Russian rebels in Donetsk, dozens dead – 5/27/14

Ukraine: 13 killed as violence spikes ahead of election – 5/22/14

Ukraine: Donetsk airport - fierce fighting claims dozens of lives – 5/27/14

Yemen: 37 militants killed by Yemeni military – 5/4/14

Yemen: 16 killed in major attack targeting army HQ and gov’t buildings – 5/24/14

Yemen: 12 Al Qaeda members killed in “open warfare” – 5/1/14

Iraq: Suicide bombing at Baghdad mosque kills 20 – 5/27/14

Pakistan: Military kills 60 militants, injures 30 in airstrikes at Afghan border – 5/21/14

China: Worst politically motivated terror attack in China history - 31 dead, 90 injured at marketplace bombing – 5/22/14

China launches terrorism crackdown after Xinjiang region attack kills 44, wounds 90 – 5/23/14

China arrests 200 terrorists in crackdown – 5/26/14

China: 3 killed, 79 hurt in blast, knife attack in China train station – 5/1/14

Nigeria, Africa: 375 killed in massive Boko Haram attack – 5/7/14

Nigeria: Boko Haram kills 48 – 5/21/14

Nigeria: 2 car bombings kill 130 in central city of Jos; Boko Haram terror network blamed – 5/21/14

Nigeria: Boko Haram extremists - 2 attacks kill more than 50 – 5/27/14

Nigeria: Boko Haram militants kill 33 security personnel in attacks – 5/28/14

Kenya, Africa: 10 dead, 76 wounded in 2 explosions – 5/16/14

England: man arrested at London’s Heathrow Airport on terrorism charges – 5/31/14

US: Al Qaeda on the rise - Stream of Al Qaeda threats has U.S. intelligence concerned – 5/21/14

California school shooting rampage: 7 dead, 13 wounded in Santa Barbara (Isla Vista). Called “premeditated mass murder.” Shooter dead. – 5/24/14

South Carolina: Myrtle Beach shootings, 3 killed and 5 wounded in peaceful resort town – 5/25/14

Tennessee: Florida murder suspect dead after standoff in Knoxville, killed 3 people – 5/27/14

Ohio: Violence prompts lockdown through end of school year at elementary school – 5/16/14

Texas: 4 injured in Houston TX shooting at after-prom party – 5/3/14

Georgia: 2 shootings in 2 days on Augusta, Georgia campus – 5/6/14

Atlanta, Georgia: Teen arrested after shooting 5 people at Therrell High School (first of two shootings at this school in 2 days) – 5/14/14

Atlanta, Georgia: High school locked down after teens shot. (Second shooting at Therrell High School in one week) – 5/15/14

Minnesota: Minneapolis teen, 17, plotted to kill family, bomb schools in Columbine-inspired rampage. Had explosives, guns in possession – 5/2/14

Minnesota: Raid on western Minnesota home thwarts terror attack. (Second plot in same area of this state in one week) – 5/6/14

Washington D.C. – 3 people shot near D.C. high school – 5/6/14

Phoenix, Arizona: Police arrest student in bomb scare – 5/7/14

Florida: US confirms that Syrian suicide bomber was American, born in Florida, the first time an American

Florida: US confirms that Syrian suicide bomber was American, born in Florida, the first time an American citizen has been involved in Syria attacks. Truck had 16 tons of explosives – 5/30/14

Egypt: 5 dead in explosions involving anti-government protestors – 5/3/14

Afghanistan: Suicide car bomb kills at least 13 at checkpoint – 5/1/14

Saudi Arabia: Saudis seize 62 militants linked to Al Qaeda, uncover plots to attack government and foreign targets, including US – 5/16/14

Health and Medical Breakthroughs

Stem Cell breakthrough: Scientists grow new muscle in men’s injured legs – 5/1/14

Cancer breakthrough: Mayo Clinic Trial - Massive blast of measles vaccine wipes out cancer – 5/14/14

Alzheimer’s breakthrough: Antidepressant Celexa may cut Alzheimer’s Protein – 5/14/14

MS and stem cells breakthrough: University of Utah researchers studying stem cells inadvertently cure mice of paralysis – 5/17/14

AIDS breakthrough: Prevention daily pill. Anti-HIV pill – 5/15/14

Breast Cancer bombshell: Most breast cancer patients who have double mastectomy don’t need it – 5/22/14

PTSD/ Depression/ Mental Illness breakthrough: Military is building brain chips to treat PTSD – 5/28/14

Earthquakes/Extreme Weather/ Mega Storms

Tornadoes and severe weather tore through central US: Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska – 5/1/14 (also predicted on True Believers TV 1/3/14)

Earthquake: Tokyo shaken by strong 6.2 earthquake – 5/4/14

Mexico Earthquake, 6.8 magnitude near Acapulco – 5/8/14

Philippines: 5.0 Earthquake – 5/30/14

China: 6.1 earthquake hits near Myanmar border, injures dozens – 5/31/14

Denver, Colorado – 5 tornadoes touch down – 5/21/14

Bosnia, Serbia: extreme weather, flooding kills at least 2, worst in history. Thousands evacuated – 5/16/14

Record heat: April ties for hottest ever on record for the globe – 5/20/14

Celebrity Scandals

Retired NFL players file lawsuit claiming football league illegally used drugs – 5/20/14

Actor Ben Affleck caught counting cards in Las Vegas casino, asked to leave – 4/29/14

Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Apollo Nida, pleads guilty to mail, wire and bank fraud. Massive ID theft scheme, over 50 people victimized – 5/8/14

Benham Twins, stars of Flip it Forward (HGTV) lose TV show after making homophobic comments – 5/8/14

Year of the Woman

Marvel Comics confirms they are developing first female superhero as lead in film (Black Widow) – 2/12/14
IN JUNE 2014

All predicted on 1/6/14 Beyond the Gate

Political and Military Scandals

Germany opens investigation into NSA phone tapping of Angela Merkel, Chancellor – 6/4/14

Military POW scandal: President Obama released five radical Islamist terrorists in exchange for one POW who deserted. The five released terrorists in prisoner swap for Bergdahl are 'hell-bent on
killing Americans and destroying America.' 6 soldiers were killed in search for Bergdahl – 6/2/14

Military scandal worsens. POW Bowe Bergdahl’s platoon mates say officers made them sign non-disclosure agreement after he “deserted his post in Afghanistan.” – 6/2/14

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker led criminal scheme – 6/19/14

Bad VA care killed more than 1,000 veterans: report – 6/24/14

Obama to take executive action on immigration – 6/30/14

Supreme Court rules against Obama in contraception case – 6/30/14

Economy / Financial Fraud/ Scandals

GDP “worst since the Great Recession” – 6/25/14

Georgia: Church ponzi schemer arrested on federal fraud charges, $5 Million fraud – 6/17/14

General and Church Scandals

Football great Dan Marino sues NFL over concussions – 5,000 players have sued NFL as lawsuits pile up – 6/3/14

325 arrested in New Jersey heroin sweep; 12,000 bags of heroin seized in 8-week sting – 6/4/14

7 priests suspended in Mexico for sexual harassment and abuse – 6/20/14

GM recalls 2.4 million more vehicles – 5/20/14

Researcher charged in major HIV vaccine fraud case, falsified data in Iowa State to receive grants – 6/24/14

Cyber attacks

US disrupts major hacking, extortion ring: Russian charged. 1 million machines worldwide were infected with malicious software. “Gameover Zeus” is the largest malware so far disrupted – 6/2/14

Terrorism, Lone Wolf Terror Attacks and School Shootings

California: FBI raid finds Ricin stash in San Francisco, manhunt underway -  6/1/14

Terrorism, Lone Wolf Terror Attacks, School Shootings

California: FBI raid finds Ricin stash in San Francisco, manhunt underway -  6/1/14

Virginia: 3 dead including 2 police officers in Norfolk, VA shooting – 6/1/14

Chicago: 7 people shot in Chicago laundromat – 6/3/14

Seattle, Washington: 7 shot at Seattle Pacific University, suspect in custody – 6/4/14

Georgia: Deputy shot at courthouse, suspect dead. Shooter had bombs, assault rifle – 6/6/14

Atlanta, Georgia: 5 shot, 1 dead in northeast Atlanta – 6/6/14

Las Vegas, NV: 5 dead including 2 policemen in mass shooting at Vegas restaurant, Walmart – 6/8/14

Los Angeles, CA: Gunman surrenders after SWAT standoff, high-speed pursuit, manhunt – 6/9/14

Cathedral City, CA: Police set fire to a home filled with explosives – 6/28/14

Portland, Oregon: 2 dead in high school shooting – 6/10/14

Phoenix, Arizona: Priest killed, another injured in attack in Catholic church – 6/12/14

Tennessee: 2 teens charged with foiled Columbine-inspired mass shooting plot at Volunteer High School – 6/12/14

Houston, Texas: 2 arrested in terror-related cases supporting ISIS in Iraq and Syria – 6/19/14

Miami, Florida: 2 killed, 10 wounded in mass shooting – 6/24/14

Minneapolis, Minnesota: 3 more people charged in foiled Columbine-inspired school attack – 6/20/14

Iraq: One third of Iraq falls to ISIS terrorists – 6/10/14

Iraq: Bloodiest civil war in 100 years, militants seize control of Tikrit – 800 killed in May - 6/11/14

Iraq: Syrian warplanes strike Iraq, kill 57 civilians and wound 120 – 6/25/14

Iraq: Dozens of students held hostage after Al Qaeda gunmen storm university. Attack is 3rd major operation in 3 days by militants – 6/7/14

Iraq: Bombs kill 44 in capital Baghdad – 6/7/14

ISIS kidnaps 140 Kurdish schoolboys, brainwashing them into becoming suicide bombers – 6/26/14

China: 13 attackers die in assault on police station - 6/21/14

Nigeria: 40 dead in bombing by Boko Haram – 6/1/14

Nigeria: scores killed in 4 Nigerian village attacks by Boko Haram – 6/5/14

Nigeria: militants kidnap 30 women – 6/10/14

Nigeria: gunmen torch 4 churches, kill dozens – 6/29/14

Kenya, Africa: Gunmen open fire in coastal town, set fire to hotels, 48 killed by Al Shabaab terror group – 6/16/14

Pakistan: Taliban attack Karachi Airport, 36 dead – 6/8/14

Pakistan airstrikes kill 100 militants – 6/15/14

Russia: Rebels shoot down large Ukrainian transport plane, killing dozens – 6/14/14

Egypt: Bombs outside Egypt’s presidential palace in Cairo kill 2 senior police officers, injure 10 – 6/30/14

MH370 UPDATE: Pilot Zaharie Shah named “chief suspect” by Malaysian investigators after plans for Indian Ocean are found on flight simulator. Trouble revealed in pilot’s
marriage and home life – 6/22/14 (predicted on Beyond the Gate and 2 radio shows in 2014)

MH370: Woman claims she saw missing Malaysian Air Flight on fire while sailing in Indian Ocean – 6/4/14

Health and Medical Breakthroughs

Cancer breakthrough: Scientists successfully destroy cancer with nanobubbles – 6/5/14

Cancer: new gene tests may give cancer patients quicker path to treatment – 6/6/14

Cancer: low-dose aspirin may reduce pancreatic cancer risk – 6/27/14

Autism, mental illness: Environmental pollution linked to autism and schizophrenia, study shows – 6/6/14

Alzheimer’s: lithium slows development of Alzheimer’s disease, treats migraine – 6/1/14

Earthquakes/Extreme Weather/ Mega Storms

Los Angeles, CA earthquake: 4.2 quake strikes near Westwood – 6/1/14

New Zealand: 7.2 earthquake strikes off Kermadec Islands – 6/23/14

Extreme weather, flooding blamed for 3 deaths in South (Arkansas, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia) – 6/6/14 (also predicted on True Believers, film for Karga 7 Weather Channel on 1/3/14)

Rare twin twisters blast Nebraska – 6/16/14

Historic rainfall, mudslides: state of emergency declared in South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa – 6/20/14

Earth has warmest May and June on record – 6/23/14

Celebrity Scandals

British Pop star Gary Glitter arrested faces 8 sex charges against teen girls – 6/5/14

Senators blame Dr. Oz for contributing to weight-loss scams. In Senate Commerce subcommittee hearing, Dr. Oz accused of being careless in advocating weight-loss supplements as “magical” or
“miracle” products – 6/17/14

Film actor Robert Downey Jr.’s son Indio arrested for cocaine possession in West Hollywood – 6/30/14
IN JULY 2014

All predicted on 1/6/14 Beyond the Gate

Political and Military Scandals

Pentagon lost track of 203,888 weapons provided to Afghan security forces – 7/30/14

CIA admits penetrating Senate Intelligence computers – 7/31/14

Ex-New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin gets 10 years in prison in bribery scandal. Convicted of 20 out of 21 counts, guilty of taking hundreds of thousands in bribes – 7/9/14

House of Representatives authorizes lawsuit against President Obama, accuses him of exceeding bounds of constitutional authority – 7/30/14

NSA and FBI spied on Muslim American leaders (Snowden leaks) – 7/9/14

2.8 Obamacare enrollees missing from 8 million signup. Young enrollees fall 50% below target – 3/13/14

Economy / Financial Fraud/ Scandals

Dow Jones Industrials plunge 300 points, wiping out July gains. Worst drop since February – 7/31/14

Russian cyber hackers attack US oil and gas companies in massive, highly sophisticated hack. Hackers sneaked malware into computers at power plants, energy grid operators, gas pipeline
companies – 7/2/14

Russia claims alleged hacker was “kidnapped” by US Agents – 7/8/14

Chinese hackers broke into US federal employee network, including database of people with top-secret clearance – 7/10/14

Chinese cyberattack hits Canada’s National Research Council – 7/29/14

Chinese hackers obtained info on Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system, three Jewish defense contractors hacked – 7/29/14

China confirms Microsoft “monopoly” probe – 7/29/14

General Scandals

Disney World workers among 23 arrested in child sex sting after being lured to house by police – 2/13/14

Report: Jill Dando, British host of Crimewatch UK (murdered in 1999), had raised alarms about large pedophile ring at BBC. No investigation was launched; big-name celebrities, DJs were
involved but never implicated – 7/31/14

Terrorism and Lone Wolf Terror Attacks, School Shootings

Chicago: More than 82 shot, 14 dead in Chicago’s July 4th weekend - unprecedented violence – 7/7/14

Houston, Texas: 6 dead in Houston home shooting – 7/9/14

Houston, Texas: 6 shot in Houston, Texas music festival – 7/5/14

Texas actress who sent Obama deadly toxin ricin in letters sentenced to 18 years in prison – 7/16/14

Dallas, Texas: Texas man arrested in connection with sending out 500 letters with white powder to government offices in Washington DC, schools, and businesses in many states – 7/28/14

Portland, Oregon: 5 shot outside strip club – 7/5/14

Pasadena, California: 3 killed in shooting – 7/12/14

North Carolina: 3 killed, 3 deputies wounded in shootout - 7/30/14

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – Doctor and 2 others shot at hospital in Upper Darby – 7/24/14

Paris, France: Islamist plot to blow up Eiffel Tower, Louvre and nuclear power plant foiled – 7/9/14 (Predicted on Beyond the Gate 1/20/13 and 1/6/14)

Russia terror: Malaysia Airlines MH17 crash - Ukraine President Poroshenko calls shooting down of Malaysian passenger jet an “act of terrorism.” Third plane shot down in 3 days. 298 dead,
including 108 AIDS researchers and activists – 7/17/14

Russian officer “deliberately pushed the button to shoot down MH17” says Ukraine official – 7/22/14

Ukraine: 30 troops killed in Russian rebel missile attack – 7/11/14

Afghanistan: 400 fuel and oil trucks burn on Afghan roads – 7/5/14

Afghanistan: suicide bomber kills 8 – 7/2/14

Iraq: Attack on Iraq prisoner convoy kills 60 – 7/24/14

Iraq: Suicide car bomb kills 23, wounds 55 in Northern Baghdad – 7/22/14

Iraq: More than 50 bodies found in Baghdad – 7/9/14

Iraq: 33 killed when militants raid Baghdad apartments – 7/12/14

Pakistan: US drone strike kills 11 militants in Peshawar – 7/19/14

Egypt (Cairo) – Death toll hits 22 in Egypt border post attack, deadliest terror attack in Egypt’s military in recent history – 7/20/14

Egypt terror: 8 dead in explosions – 7/13/14

Nigeria, Africa Report: Boko Haram killed 2,053 civilians in Nigeria this year; terror attacks increasing – 7/15/14

Mali, North Africa: 116 dead after Air Algerie plane crashed in Mali. Terror not ruled out – 7/25/14

China: 100 dead – mostly terrorists – after mass terror attack by Muslim separatists in police station and government offices; 59 terrorists, 37 civilians killed – 7/29/14

Taiwan: 5 massive gas explosions kill 25, injure 267 – 7/31/14

Health and Medical Breakthroughs

Major sickle cell anemia breakthrough could lead to more effective meds – 6/20/14

Leukemia breakthrough: US regulators fast-track novel leukemia therapy, could help with other cancers as well – 7/7/14

Prostate cancer: Electronic noses sniff out prostate cancer – 7/16/14

HIV: Scientists successfully remove HIV from human cells – 7/23/14

Alzheimer’s: Smell test could detect Alzheimer’s disease – 7/14/14

Autism: New research suggests parents can “move” children off the Autism spectrum – 7/31/14

Parkinson’s: Vaccine found safe in Phase 1 trial, could slow or stop Parkinson’s disease – 7/31/14

Vision breakthrough: Glaucoma treatment approved in EU - Simbrinza eye drops help patients – 7/28/14

Earthquakes/Extreme Weather/ Mega Storms

Tornadoes, floods in US Midwest: Iowa, Illinois and Wisconsin; 1 killed – 7/1/14 (also predicted on True Believers TV 1/3/14)

Texas and Mississippi: Record floods deluge both states – 7/17/14

Japan: 6.8 earthquake hits east off Honshu – 7/11/14

Japan: 6.2 earthquake hits Bonin Islands – 7/1/14

Mexico: strong 7.1 earthquake strikes off Southern Mexico, 2 dead – 7/7/14

Chile: 6.1 quake shakes Northern Chile – 7/13/14

Philippines Typhoon Rammasun kills 20, half a million flee from lethal wind and rain – 7/16/14

Philippines: Second Typhoon Conson leaves 68 dead, moves to Vietnam – 7/18/14

Celebrity Scandals

“Ted” film creator Seth MacFarlane sued for stealing talking teddy bear idea, took character from 2008 screenplay – 7/16/14

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Apollo Nida gets prison for fraud – 7/8/14

Fashion designer icons Dolce and Gabbana convicted in Italy of tax fraud, sentenced to 20 months in prison – 6/20/14

Report: Jill Dando, British host of Crimewatch UK (murdered in 1999), had raised alarms about large pedophile ring at BBC. No investigation was launched; big-name celebrities, DJs were
involved but never implicated – 7/31/14

Year of the Woman

Church of England votes in favor of female bishops – 7/14/14

All predicted on 1/6/14 Beyond the Gate

Government, Political and Military Scandals

Leaked document reveals immigrants from 75+ Countries are entering US Southern border. Most of the human smuggling from Syria and Albania into the US is through Central America. Middle
East also named. (Predicted in Pop Music Gadfly interview, July 2014) – 8/4/14

64,000 charities are deep in debt with IRS, cheating IRS out of payroll taxes – 8/13/14

Pentagon broke the law by exchanging five Taliban detainees for US Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl without giving Congress a heads-up 8/21/14

Food stamp fraud rampant (GAO report) according to new federal Government Accountability report – 8/22/14

Edward Snowden leaks: Unrevealed NSA cyber weapon “MonsterMind” – 8/13/14

Flight MH370: Classified documents were stolen targeting 30 government officials just one day after plane disappears, China suspected. – 8/21/14

Economy / Financial Fraud/ Scandals/ Cyberattacks

CNN sued for $1 million over correspondent Arwa Damon’s drunken biting freakout – 8/4/14

Largest collection of stolen credentials in history: Russian crime ring of hackers steal over a billion internet usernames and passwords, 500 million email addresses – 8/5/14

700 Albertson’s stores hacked for credit card data – 8/15/14

200 Supervalu stores victim of cyber data breach – 8/15/14

Community Health Systems Hospital network hacked, 4.5 million patient records stolen – 8/18/14

Data breach at UPS Stores in 51 stores in 24 states. Names, addresses and payment cards stolen. – 8/21/14

People Magazine sued for racial discrimination – 8/21/14

JP Morgan and six other banks hit by hackers: Russia is prime suspect. – 8/27/14

Italy falls back into recession, raising concern for Eurozone economy – 8/6/14

German stocks plunge 11% in correction after Russia invades Ukraine – 8/8/14

Church Scandals

Pope excommunicates Italian Mafia members – 6/23/14

Terrorism and Lone Wolf Terror Attacks, School Shootings

Syria: ISIS video shows beheading of US journalist James Foley – 8/20/14

Syria: ISIS militants execute 250 Syrian soldiers – 8/28/14

Pentagon Chief calls ISIS “a cancer beyond anything we have seen.” – 8/22/14

Virginia mass shooting: 2 adults, 3 children shot dead in murder suicide, Culpeper County – 8/4/14

Libya: 22 dead in Tripoli in fight over airport – 8/3/14

Britain: Fighter jet scrambled to escort passenger plane into UK’s Manchester Airport after bomb threat – 8/5/14

Afghanistan: American General killed is highest-ranking US Army officer to be killed. 15 others wounded – 8/5/14

Afghanistan: Taliban attack on Afghan Intelligence Agency HQ leaves 6 dead, 45 injured (2 suicide car bombs) – 8/30/14

Ukraine: Rebel leader resigns, Russian militants shoot down fighter plane – 8/7/14

Iraq: Hundreds of Yazidi women captured by ISIS, an offshoot of Al Qaeda – 8/8/14

Iraq: ISIS attack on Yazidis. 350 men were killed, 1,000 women and children abducted – 8/16/14

Iraq, Baghdad: Militants kills at least 70 in Iraq mosque attack, wounding 50 – 8/22/14

Iraq: Bombings kill 30 after Sunni mosque attack – 8/23/14

Iraq, Baghdad: Suicide bomber kills 11, wounds 24 – 8/23/14

Iraq, Baghdad: wave of attacks kills at least 43 people (suicide bomber and 2 car bombs) – 8/25/14

Paris: Gunmen attack convoy, seize papers and cash from Saudi Embassy – 8/18/14

Nigeria: Boko Haram kidnaps at least 97, kills 28 in raid – 8/15/14

Africa: 2 U.N. peacekeepers killed and 9 injured in suicide attack in Mali – 8/16/14

China executes 8 people convicted of terrorism – Tiananmen Square attack “masterminds” – 8/24/14

New York: Boston Marathon bomber’s sister charged in New York bomb threat – 8/27/14

Chicago: 32 shot and 5 killed in weekend violence – 8/17/14

New Orleans: 3 killed, 6 hurt in New Orleans shootings – 8/10/14

California: 7 shot in house party shooting – 8/10/14

California man fighting for ISIS is killed in Syria, first US man to be killed fighting with terrorists in Syria – 8/26/14

California terror suspect, 20, is charged with planning US attacks, arrested near Canadian border – 8/27/14

Minnesota dad of 9 killed fighting for ISIS in Syria – 8/28/14

Los Angeles, CA: Student arrested in connection with terrorist threats at school – 8/17/14

Los Angeles: 2 boys planned Columbine-style massacre with guns and bombs at Pasadena High School – 8/18/14

Los Angeles: Shootings at Chris Brown’s VMA party. Suge Knight and 2 others shot – 8/24/14

Massachusetts: Man accused of making threat to kill President Obama faces gun charges – 8/30/14

Connecticut: Second death threat against Obama thwarted, car found in connection – 8/30/14

Los Angeles: 3 dead, 4 injured in L.A. area shootings within one hour. Man in custody following standoff – 8/24/14

Los Angeles: Suspect shoots 7, kills 4 over 5 days in deadly Southern California shootings – serial killer – 8/27/14

Seattle, Washington: Jihadist admits to killing 4 people, calls it vengeance for US actions in Mideast – 8/20/14

ISIS could pose threat to US and Europe. The group now “the most potent military force of any terrorist outfit in the world.” – 8/15/14

Islamic State militants are expressing increased interest in crossing over Mexican border to carry out a US terrorist attack, according to reports (Predicted in Pop Music Gadfly interview, July 2014)
– 8/29/14

Health and Medical Breakthroughs

Spinal Cord Injury breakthrough: New device allows brain to bypass spinal cord, move paralyzed limbs – 6/25/14

Sickle-Cell Anemia: Blood transfusions could reduce strokes in kids with sickle-cell anemia by more than 50% - 8/21/14

Stem-Cell breakthrough: Scientists create a working organ from scratch for first time ever. Hailed as a scientific first in Scotland – 8/25/14

First-ever 3D-printed vertebra implanted in 12-year-old cancer patient’s spine in Beijing China – 8/28/14

HIV breakthrough: Temple University, Philadelphia - researchers successfully eliminate HIV virus in human cells, a scientific first (Temple is our alma mater!) – 7/21/14

MS breakthrough: HIV drugs could help prevent and treat Muscular Dystrophy – 8/5/14

MS: Singer Gloria Estefan and her husband donate money to Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health for people with MS – 8/14/14

Cancer: Scientific review finds aspirin significantly cuts cancer rates – 8/6/14

Prostate Cancer breakthrough: $6 million program. New treatment method slashes spread of prostate cancer by 40% - 8/15/14

Cancer: Natural cure? Bee, scorpion and snake venom may hold cancer cure – 8/12/14

PTSD: Mice may light the way to treating PTSD – 8/27/14

Heart breakthrough: New Novartis drug launch could be most exciting ever. Works to rebalance blood’s chemistry and normalize circulation, could help prevent heart failure – 8/30/14

Earthquakes/Extreme Weather/ Mega Storms

Major San Francisco California earthquake: 200 injured, 6 critically, in 6.1 Napa Quake - worst in 25 years – 8/24/14

Chile: Strong 6.9 magnitude earthquake jolts Chile – 8/24/14

Alaska: 5.4 earthquake rattles Alaska – 8/30/14

China: 175 dead and 1,400 injured as strong earthquake hits China’s Yunnan province – 8/3/14

Japan: 6.1 earthquake shakes Japan’s Kyushu island – 8/29/14

Hawaii: Very rare event as twin hurricanes make landfall in Hawaii – 8/6/14

Detroit, Michigan: Historic flooding, Detroit’s wettest day in 89 years - flooded 5 freeways and thousands of homes – 2 dead. – 8/12/14

New York and Baltimore, Maryland: Record rainfall and flooding (14 inches in 24 hours). Extreme flooding also in Washington, Detroit and Scotland – 8/13/14

Chicago and Midwest: Major flooding across much of Chicago, Illinois – 8/22/14

Hurricane Marie, CAT 5, heads for Southern California – 8/25/14

Hiroshima, Japan: Record rain and floods cause deadly landslides, killing at least 36 – 8/19/14

Celebrity Scandals

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ star arrested and indicted for fraud – 8/8/14

Conrad Hilton, Paris’ brother, sustains major injuries in car crash – 8/27/14

‘Sons of Guns’ reality star Will Hayden arrested for raping daughter and another minor girl, 11, for one year – 8/27/14

Year of the Woman

Sony Studios plans movie with female superhero in the Spiderman Universe, due out in 2017 – 8/5/14

All female sailing team takes on the ocean’s toughest race, plans to race around the world against all male crews in the Volvo Ocean Race 2014 – 8/7/14

Katie Ledecky sets world record in 1500-meter freestyle (Australia Pan Pacific Championships) – 8/24/14

First ever full-time female assistant coach in NBA history, San Antonio Spurs – 8/5/14

All predicted on 1/6/14 Beyond the Gate

Government, Political and Military Scandals

Ex-Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell and wife guilty of 11 corruption counts, face 20 years in jail – 9/9/14

Major IRS scam: identity tax refund fraud; Con artists have been filing bogus tax returns and collecting millions – 9/21/14

IRS has lost emails from 5 more employees who are part of congressional probes – 9/6/14

Obama: “US Intelligence underestimated Islamic militants in Syria. Conversely, the US overestimated the ability of the Iraqi army to fight ISIS” – 9/28/14

Secret Service fumbled response after gunman hit White House residence – 9/27/14

Obama faces backlash after criticizing the intel community for missing ISIS threat – 9/29/14

Former HHS cyber security chief Timothy DeFoggi convicted on child porn charges – 8/27/14

Economy / Financial Fraud/ Scandals/ Cyberattacks

China hacked military contractor networks at least 9 times, putting US military security operations at risk – 9/17/14

Half of all American adults were hacked this year, with data or identities stolen (CNN) – 9/4/14

Digital Jihad: Jihadists in the Middle East ramp up efforts to mount a catastrophic cyber attack on the US infrastructure and financial system – 9/14/14/

Russian hackers release 5 million Gmail usernames and passwords online – 9/10/14

Home Depot Hack could be biggest card breach ever, 60 million customers hacked – 9/9/14

Ruble plunges to new lows, authorities tell Russians not to panic – 9/16/14

Ice Bucket Fraud: ALS Foundation admits that 73% of donations are not used for ALS research – 9/1/14

Massive pedophile ring busted, world’s largest with up to 70,000 members. 230 kids from 30 countries saved – 184 arrested 9/17/14

NFL Scandal grows: League execs lied about seeing video of Ray Rice punching his fiancé in elevator – 9/10/14

Dow tumbles 264 points in biggest stock sell-off in two months - 9/25/14

Church Scandals

The Vatican arrested a former archbishop accused of paying for sex with children while he was a papal ambassador in the Dominican Republic, the first-ever
arrest inside the city state on charges of pedophilia.

Jozef Wesolowski was defrocked by a Vatican tribunal in June, and has been placed under house arrest, awaiting a criminal trial – 9/23/14

Pastor with AIDS sued after revelation of multiple affairs, drug use; knew he had AIDS (Alabama) – 10/15/14

Terrorism and Lone Wolf Terror Attacks, School Shootings

Washington: White House and Pentagon announce the US is at war with ISIS (Al Qaeda offshoot) – 9/12/14

Australia: 15 terror suspects arrested in largest counterterrorism raid in Australian history, thwarting ISIS plot to behead random civilians; 800 federal and state
police officers raided a dozen properties – 9/17/14

New York: US charges NY man with funding ISIS, plotting US terror attack (to kill US troops), recruiting for ISIS – 9/16/14

Pennsylvania: Massive Cop killer manhunt – One state trooper killed, one wounded by lone gunman in Blooming Grove – 9/15/14

Pennsylvania: Police arrest Reading man after being found passed out in car with 2 children, 3 homemade bombs – 9/12/14

Syria: ISIS executes British aid worker David Haines, third western captive to be killed by extremists in recent weeks – 9/13/14

Syria: Al Qaeda cell in Syria (known as Khorasan Group) poses ISIS-level threat – 9/18/14

Pakistan: Army arrests 10 militants suspected in attack on teen activist Malala, 16 – 9/12/14

Texas: ISIS terror cell formed just a few miles from El Paso on Texas border – 9/10/14

France: French girl investigated over alleged jihad plan

Chicago: Man with ISIS flag accused of threatening cop with a bomb -9/3/14

Chicago: Employee started arson fire at FAA facility that canceled 2,000 flights at O’Hare and Midway Airports; faces 20 years in prison – 9/26/14

Florida: Mall shooting outside Orlando Florida, 2 suspects dead and 2 victims wounded – 9/24/14

Boston: Tech-savvy terrorist from Boston running ISIS’ social media campaigns, now on FBI “Most Wanted Terrorists” list. Father is prominent Boston
endocrinologist – 9/4/14

Iraq: Terror attacks kill 17, mass grave found to contain 15 bodies –9/5/14

India: Al Qaeda announces in video it’s opening new branch in India “to wage jihad” – 9/4/14

Somalia: Top Somali militant killed in US operation, Pentagon says; was behind deadly 2013 siege of Nairobi Kenya shopping mall – “Major loss to Al Shabaab terror group” - 9/5/14

North Carolina: ISIS supporter from NC arrested at JFK airport on weapons charges; expressed allegiance with ISIS jihadists – 8/11/14

China: Man kills 3 children, stabs 8 students and a teacher, then jumps off building – 9/1/14

Libya: Libyan islamist rebels steal 11 commercial jets from Tripoli airport; planes could be used to carry out terror attacks – 9/2/14
Second American journalist, Steven Sotloff, beheaded by ISIS – 9/2/14

Missouri: 3 killed, 2 critically wounded in shooting rampage in Kansas City. Hours later, 3 injured in nearby Motel 6 – 9/3/14
Missouri: Man who threw Molotov cocktails at Missouri Congressman’s office arrested – 9/18/14

Florida: Man shoots daughter, 6 grandchildren in murder-suicide – 9/18/14
Florida: 15 wounded in Miami nightclub shooting; some victims are children as young as 11 years old – 9/28/14

Colorado woman attempts to join ISIS militants – 9/28/14

Intel: Southern border terror attack imminent, threat of Islamic groups (ISIS and Al Qaeda) now operating in Juarez, Mexico – (Predicted by The Psychic Twins ininterview on
June, 2014)

London: UK counterterror police arrest 11 men in London for supporting terrorism; More than a dozen homes and businesses raided – 9/25/14

Saudi Arabia: 88 suspects arrested in Al Qaeda cell, plotting attacks inside and outside Saudi Arabia (Predicted 1/20/13 on BTG Radio)

Minneapolis, Minnesota: 2 dozen men from Minnesota are fighting with ISIS in Syria; 2 Minneapolis men killed fighting with ISIS rebels – 9/1/14

Nigeria: Uganda arrests 19 Al Qaeda militants linked to ‘imminent’ terror attack on US Embassy (foiled plot); Somali group al Shabaab hatched plot – 9/14/14

Nigeria: Suicide bombers kill 15 at N. Nigerian college – 9/17/14

Iraq: Baghdad car bombing attack kills 17 – 9/19/14

Iraq: Wave of terror attacks kills nearly 50 – 9/30/14

New York: Al Qaeda plot uncovered to bomb New York and Paris subway systems – 9/26/14

Arizona: Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station was evacuated after bomb threat – 9/24/14

Australia: ISIS plot to attack lawmakers (including Prime Minister Tony Abbott) triggers ramped-up security – 9/19/14

Pope Francis says current world chaos is “effectively World War III” – 9/13/14

Washington, D.C.: White House fence jumper who ran deep into The White House overpowered Secret Service officer; had 800 rounds of ammunition and machete in car, posed threat to
President Obama – 9/22/14

Terror Groups Al Qaeda and AQAP in the Gulf and North Africa have issued a rare joint statement, urge militants to unite against the west, US – 9/28/14

North Carolina and Kentucky: 2 school shootings on same day leave 2 students wounded - 9/30/14

Queens New York: 2 gunmen shoot four men on porch – 9/20/14

Health and Medical Breakthroughs

Cancer: Man survives rare cancer after new “targeted therapy;” new drugs seek out novel proteins and shut them down – 9/16/14

Cancer breakthrough may kill all tumors, allows immune system to do the work – 9/3/14

Alzheimer’s breakthrough: Popular sleeping pills and anxiety meds, Valium, Xanax and Ativan may lead to rick of developing Alzheimer’s – 9/10/14

Prostate Cancer: New genetic discovery! Test identifies new methods to treat Prostate cancer – 9/15/14

Prostate Cancer: Revolutionary treatment SU2C – 9/4/14

Brain Cancer: Medical milestone when Arizona doctor used new technology to help remove brain tumors; could revolutionize the field. Minimally invasive, less risk, less trauma – 9/5/14

Skin Cancer: New Merck Melanoma drug called “game-changing” with big advantages over chemo. 90% of patients have no side effects – 9/5/14

Cancer: Mantis shrimps can see cancer and scientists have created a camera that does the same – 9/26/14

Diabetes breakthrough: Combo Diabetes therapy outperforms other treatments, combines insulin with new hormone-like drug – 9/12/14

MS, Diabetes, Lupus breakthrough: Scientists discover how to “switch off” autoimmune diseases – 9/4/14

MS: Success in trial for first generic MS drug, paves way for more development – 9/12/14

MS: Music therapy helps boost coordination, concentration and movement in MS patients – 9/29/14

ADHD: Medications plus parent training may help kids with aggression, ADHD (Predicted on The Allie Cheslick Show 6/2/13) – 9/12/14

Schizophrenia: Team discovers neurochemical imbalance in schizophrenia (Predicted 1/20/13 on Beyond the Gate Radio) – 9/11/14

Depression: Blood test spots adult depression – 9/17/14

Weight loss: FDA approves third new weight-loss pill Contrave – 9/10/14

Telepathy breakthrough: Harvard scientists send mental message 4,000 miles between two people – 9/8/14

Earthquakes/Extreme Weather/ Mega Storms

California: 500 mini quakes struck Southeast California in 2 days (September 2014)

Alaska: 6.2 earthquake jolts Alaska – 9/25/14

Hurricane Odile, CAT 4, hits Mexico’s Baja, causes flooding in Texas and Southwest – 9/18/14

Croatia: 21 counties flooding – 9/14/14

Indonesia: 6.5 Earthquake rocks Indonesia – 9/9/14

Turkey earthquake, 6.9 strikes on 5/24/14

India, Pakistan: Worst flooding in a century (Kashmir); Over 200 dead in monsoon rains – 9/13/14

Southwest US: Record monsoon rainfall swamps Arizona, Southern California and Nevada; state of emergency declared – 9/8/14

Celebrity Scandals

Nicole Kidman’s father dies in Philippines under suspicious circumstances as pedophile, child murder ring allegations swirl – 9/14/14

NFL Scandal: Minnesota Vikings reverse course, suspend Adrian Peterson for child abuse. Nike pulls endorsement contract – 9/17/14

Disgraced NFL star Ray Rice fired when shocking video surfaces, shows him knocking wife unconscious in casino elevator – 9/10/14

NFL players want Ray Rice banned from the NFL – 9/10/14

Worst week in NFL history. 4th NFL player: Arizona Cardinals player arrested on domestic violence allegations – 9/17/14

Singer Robin Thicke admits drugs, lying about writing “Blurred Lines” hit - claimed he was jealous and wanted credit – 9/16/14

Biggest celebrity hacking scandal in history:
Jennifer Lawrence nude photos leaked. More than 100 celebrities were targeted by a phone hacker – 9/1/14

Pop star Iggy Azalea files lawsuit against ex-boyfriend for copyright infringement and theft – 9/18/14

Olympic swimming champion Michael Phelps arrested on DUI charge, second one since 2004 – 9/30/14

All predicted on 1/6/14 Beyond the Gate

Government, Political and Military Scandals

Secret Service Director Julia Pierson resigns after series of breaches, including knife-wielding intruder who made it all the way through the White House –10/1/14

Secret Service scandal: White House facing cover up accusations in Secret Service prostitution scandal – investigator was asked to alter or withhold “info that
would be embarrassing.” – 10/9/14

Pennsylvania Porn Scandal: 2 top state officials resign – 10/3/14

VA: Veterans Affairs Department is firing 4 senior officials amid mounting allegations – 10/7/14

Alabama House Speaker arrested on 23 felony ethics charges – 10/20/14

Economy / Financial Fraud/ Scandals/ Cyberattacks

China overtook the US as the world’s largest economy, according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) – 10/8/14

J.P. Morgan Chase Bank Cyber Attack: One of the largest corporate security cyber hacks in history! Data breach affected 76 million households and 7 million businesses – 10/1/14

Kmart latest victim of US retail data breach – 10/11/14

Staples investigates massive data breach, 1.2 million customers impacted – 10/21/14

Saks Fifth Avenue employees busted in identity theft ring at flagship midtown store – 10/6/14

500 million financial records hacked in 2014, said federal officials - 10/20/14

White House hacked, NATO and US Defense among targets; Russia suspected – 10/29/14

Red Cross accused of misusing assets during disasters Hurricane Sandy and others - donors outraged that millions never went to immediate relief – 10/31/14

Stock Market volatility: Dow Jones plunges 334, worst day of 2014, day after “best day” – 10/9/14

Stocks plummet as Dow tumbles 460, biggest one-day drop in 3 years – 10/15/14

Terrorism and Lone Wolf Terror Attacks, School Shootings

Seattle Washington: 5 students killed in lone wolf shooting rampage at Marysville-Pilchuck High School by 15-year old student – 10/24/14

New York and Washington D. C. investigate bomb threat by Al Qaeda – 9/9/14

New York City: 2 New York cops attacked with hatchet on the street - Suspect killed, was jihadist “inspired by terrorists” – 10/23/14

California: 3 Sacramento sheriff’s deputies shot, 2 killed…manhunt for 2 suspects, shooters arrested – 10/24/14

Los Angeles, California: 5 shot, one killed in Watts shootings – 10/27/14

Chicago O’Hare Airport: 19 year-old arrested, charged with attempting to join ISIS and provide material support to terror group – 10/6/14

Denver: 3 Denver Colorado teens detained in Germany. “Jihad Janes” attempted to join ISIS – 10/21/14

North Carolina: Gunman on run after shooting 2 men outside courthouse – 10/28/14

London Anti-terror Raids: 4 Islamic terrorists arrested in several raids; suspected of plotting “significant attack” in UK – 10/7/14

UK: First ISIS terror plot on UK foiled amid growing fears – 10/7/14

Texas: At least 10 ISIS fighters caught trying to cross Mexico borderinto Texas – 10/8/14 (Predicted in popmusicgadfly interview July 22, 2014)

Houston Texas: 2 dead after shooting outside Ben Taub Hospital – 10/22/14

Yemen: Suicide bombings kill 67, wound 75 – 10/9/14

Yemen: suicide bomber kills 20 – 10/27/14

Yemen: 10 killed in Al Qaeda stronghold – 10/26/14

Malaysia Flight MH370 spiraled into the Indian Ocean when fuel ran out: ATSB Report confirms The Psychic Twins’ predictions – 10/9/14

Iraq: ISIS suicide bombers kill 28 Kurds, police chief assassinated – 10/13/14

Iraq: Triple suicide bombing kills 58 – 10/13/14

Iraq: Bodies of hundreds of Iraqi tribesmen fighting against ISIS found in mass grave – 10/30/14

Iraq: ISIS massacre 600 prisoners in Mosul – 10/30/14

Iraq: ISIS kills 85 members of Iraqi tribe – 10/30/14

Iraq: ISIS suspected in blast that killed 43 – 10/20/14

Iraq: Attacks in Baghdad by ISIS kills at least 50 people – 10/16/14

Iraq: Baghdad restaurant bomb kills 21 – 10/21/14

Iraq: Baghdad suicide bomber kills 38 militiamen, wounds 60 – 10/27/14

Iraq: ISIS executes more than 40 tribesmen in Anbar – 10/29/14

Washington State: man goes on shooting rampage, opens fire on police stations and patrol cars in 3 towns – 10/16/14

Chicago Illinois: Man shoots 2 deputies in Chicago, IL - He is captured – 10/16/14

Syria: ISIS is training pilots to fly MiG fighter planes - capture 3 jets for use in possible terror attacks – 10/17/14

Syria: Airstrikes target ISIS near Kobani, more than 400 killed – 10/7/14

Nigeria: for the first time, Islamist violence in Nigeria has claimed 10,000 lives in 2014 - Now on the level of ISIS.

Nigeria: Boko Haram attacks and kills 8, kidnaps others despite cease-fire announcement – 10/18/14

Nigeria: Boko Haram kill dozens in 5 attacks on villages – 10/18/14

Nigeria: Boko Haram kill 17, abduct dozens – 10/26/14

Canada: 2 Canadian soldiers run over and killed by radicalized Muslim – 10/20/14

Ottowa, Canada: Manhunt for Ottawa gunmen after attack on Parliament and mall by radicalized Muslims. Soldier and gunman dead – 10/22/14

Saudi Arabia terror: Saudi Arabia convicts 27 for plotting series of attacks on US forces – 10/22/14

Egypt: 7 attacks kill 33 security personnel – 10/24/14

Egypt: Bomb blast outside Cairo University wounds 11, including 6 police officers. Militant group claimed responsibility – 10/22/14

Egypt, Cairo: State of Emergency declared after 2 attacks kill 31 soldiers, including several senior Army officers (25 wounded) – 10/25/14

“Khorasan Group” is new name coined by Obama for old foe Al Qaeda, which is still alive and active – 9/30/14

Mali: 9 peacekeepers killed by militants – 10/3/14

Health and Medical Breakthroughs

Obesity and cancer linked, scientists find – 10/3/14

Colon cancer breakthrough: Home test for colon cancer offered – 10/26/14

Prostate cancer: Missing link between vitamin D and prostate cancer – 10/22/14

Alzheimer’s: Memory loss is reversed for the first time in Alzheimer’s patients – 10/3/14

Brain and Alzheimer’s breakthrough: 3 Neuroscientists receive Nobel Prize in Medicine for work on cells that form brain’s GPS system – 10/6/14

Alzheimer’s: Non-drug treatment may reverse disease – 10/12/14

Transplant: First baby born to woman with womb transplant (Sweden) – 10/3/14

Parkinson’s: Drug used for another disease slows progression of Parkinson’s, improves motor function – 10/8/14

Cancer: Light-emitting diodes bring relief to young cancer patients – 10/8/14

Heart breakthrough: Aortic valve treatment promising – 10/10/14

Heart: Australian doctors perform pioneering heart transplant – 10/24/14 (Predicted in January 2011 Futurescope)

Ebola: No longer an epidemic, “It’s now a humanitarian crisis” – 10/17/14

Paralysis/ spinal cord injury: Paralysed man walks again thanks to cells transplanted from his nose (U. College of London) – 10/15/14

Autism: Scientists link 60 genes to autism risk – 10/30/14

Stem cells: Scientists generate first human stomach tissue in lab with stem cells – 10/29/14

Earthquakes/Extreme Weather/ Mega Storms

Hurricane Simon becomes season’s eighth major hurricane off Baja California Coast – 10/4/14

CAT 5 Super Typhoon Vongfong, most powerful Typhoon of 2014, batters Japan (63,000 miles wide) – 10/8/14

Texas: 3 killed as powerful storm sweeps across country from Texas to Alabama (EF2 tornado strikes Little Rock, Arkansas) – 10/13/14

CAT 4 Hurricane Gonzalo strongest Atlantic hurricane in 3 years – 10/15/14

Chicago has worst flooding since 1987 - 300 flights cancelled due to high winds and waves – 10/31/14

China Earthquake: 6.4 quake rattles Yunnan Province – 10/7/14

Mexico: 6.2 magnitude earthquake strikes coast – 10/7/14

Japan: 6.3 earthquake hits Japan coast – 10/11/14

El Salvador: 7.4 earthquake shakes coast, one dead – 10/13/14

Celebrity Scandals

Real Housewives star Teresa Giudice gets 15 months prison sentence, husband gets 41 months jail time on conspiracy and bankruptcy charges – 10/2/14

Joan Rivers’ throat specialist and Yorkville Endoscopy Clinic sued by daughter Melissa, following comedienne’s tragic death – 10/2/14 (predicted on Facebook after Joan’s death)

Former exec says NFL ignored hundreds of domestic violence cases over many years – 10/9/14

NFL star Adrian Peterson used charity funds to pay for sex party – 10/6/14

Registered sex offender emerges as star college football player Jamil Cooks, 23 – 10/28/14

‘7th Heaven’ star Stephen Collins dropped from ‘TED 2’ film, resigns from SAG board after child molestation confession – 10/7/14

Ex-husband of Melba Moore convicted of running multi-million dollar investment scam – 10/10/14

Actress and child star Skye McCole Bartusiak died of accidental overdose at 21 – 10/16/14

Plagiarism: ‘Stairway to Heaven’ lawsuit against Led Zeppelin moves forward. Members of the band Spirit claim rock legend plagiarized Randy California. Many consider this to be rock ‘n roll’s
greatest song – 10/21/14

Biggest collegiate fraud in history exposed: 3,100 students (and 1,500 student athletes) took bogus classes; many coaches knew about scheme over 20 years – 10/22/14

‘Here Comes Honey Boo Boo’ cancelled (TLC Network): Mama June allegedly dating child molester who abused her older daughter Anna at age 8 – 10/24/14

Church Scandals

Pastor with AIDS who slept with flock has been barred from pulpit. Rev. Juan D. McFarland sued by deacons – 10/14/14

Top megachurch pastor Mark Driscoll resigns in shame after 18 years – 10/16/14

Year of the Woman

Malala Yousafzai, 17, is youngest woman to ever win the Nobel Peace Prize. The young activist was shot in the head by Taliban gunman 2 years ago in Pakistan for insisting that
girls have the right to an education – 10/11/14

Rampage ended when hero teacher Megan Silverberger ran towards and confronted gunman Jaylen Fryberg during Seattle school shooting – 10/28/14
Marvel Studios announces first female and black superheroes – 10/28/14

All predicted on 1/6/14 Beyond the Gate

Government, Political and Military Scandals

Republican Tidal Wave: Historic Victory in Midterm Elections - winning 9 Senate seats, increasing House majority to largest margin since 1940s – 11/5/14

President Obama signs executive action delaying deportations for millions of illegal immigrants – 11/21/14

IRS Scandal: Investigators recover up to 30,000 “lost” emails to and from Lois Lerner, igniting firestorm – 11/21/14

Revealed: 2,500 new documents in IRS/ White House harassment cases. ‘Cause of Action’ group has sued, charging IRS and White House for harassing taxpayers – 11/25/14

US releases 5 more Guantanamo prisoners – 11/20/14

Obamacare: 5 Million people have lost health coverage as an unintended consequence of the healthcare law – 11/7/14

Obamacare architect, 6 videos incite furor: Jonathan Gruber admits that White House used campaign of deception and exploited voters’ “stupidity” to sell Obamacare – 11/11/14

US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel resigns – 11/24/14

House GOP files Obamacare lawsuit, arguing unconstitutional – 11/21/14

Prominent Democratic fundraiser Terry Bean charged in 2 felony counts of sex abuse (arrested in Oregon) – 11/23/14

Economy / Financial Fraud/ Scandals/ Cyberattacks

US unemployment rate falls to 5.8 percent – 11/7/14
Italy falls back into recession – 11/6/14

White House Hack: Computers in West Wing cyberhacked by Russia – 11/1/14

State Department email system hacked, “unprecedented” shutdown – 11/16/14

Trojan Horse’ bug lurking in vital US computers – US infrastructure hacked by Russia says Dept. of Homeland Security – 11/7/14

Hackers attacked US energy grid 79 times in 2014 – 11/ 2014

Sony Pictures: Massive Unprecedented Hack Attack by North Korea (later verified by FBI). 5 Sony movies leaked online, all operations stopped. Hackers threaten to make private data and emails
public (later did this) – 11/26/14

Postal Service hacked by Chinese government, 800,000 workers’ accounts compromised – 11/10/14

US Weather system hacked, affecting satellites, feeds, websites – 11/12/14

US government revealed to be using fake cell phone towers aboard planes to spy on American mobile phones, steal data from tens of thousands of people – 11/13/14

CNBC silences journalist Melissa Francis in interview – 11/14/14

Terrorism, Lone Wolf Terror Attacks, School Shootings, Riots

Iraq: ISIS militants kill hundreds (over 322 tribesmen in one week) in Iraq – worst massacre since June – 11/1/14

United Nations announces unprecedented number of foreigners joining terror groups (15,000 in Syria and Iraq alone) – 11/1/14

India-Pakistan border: Taliban suicide bomb attack kills 55, wounds more than 200 – 11/2/14

Maryland man charged with threatening to behead President Obama – 11/4/14

Maryland: Teen, 16, plotted school shooting. Boy planned to kill his parents, students and teachers near Baltimore with a gun and bombs – 11/5/14

Pennsylvania: Cop killer Eric Frein arrested, charged with terrorism. Possessed weapons of mass destruction – 11/14/14

Pennsylvania: 4 hurt in two shootings at same barbershop – 11/26/14

Virginia woman arrested in international terrorism investigation, suspected of support to ISIS – 11/17/14

Washington, DC: Man arrested at White House after weapon and ammunition found in car – 11/19/14

Washington DC: Woman with gun arrested outside White House – 11/21/14

Florida: 2 shot on Florida State University campus – 11/19/14

Missouri: 5 shot, 2 dead after man shoots 2 FBI agents, cop and his mother – 11/26/14

St. Louis, Missouri: Plot to bomb Gateway Arch, kill Ferguson officials, prosecutor and police chief. 2 men arrested – 11/26/14

Ferguson, Missouri: Riots, massive protests nationwide, fires burn in Ferguson, gunshots heard in streets over decision not to indict a police office in death of teen Michael Brown – 11/25/14

Austin, Texas shooting rampage: Man who shot at consulate, federal courthouse and Austin police Headquarters killed; had planned more attacks – 11/28/14

Atlanta, Georgia: 5 shot, 3 dead at Atlanta home – 11/29/14

France: Born bomb maker for Al Qaeda’s Khorasan Group killed by Syria drone strike – 11/6/14

Iraq: 43 killed in bombings by ISIS – 11/9/14

Nigeria: 47 killed in bombing outside school by Boko Haram – 11/10/14

Nigeria: Female suicide bombers kill at least 44 – 11/25/14

Nigeria: bus station blast kills 40 – 11/27/14

Nigeria: Boko Haram seizes town of kidnapped schoolgirls – 11/14/14

Nigeria: Boko Haram kills dozens in attack – 11/20/14

Nigeria: Over 100 dead after explosions at Mosque; Boko Haram militants responsible – 11/28/14

Kenya: Al Shabab Islamist militants hijack bus, kill 28 – 11/22/14

China: 50 killed in series of deadly blasts – 9/25/14

China: 15 killed, 14 wounded in terror attack Xinjiang – 11/29/14

Yemen: Dozens killed by suicide bomber – 11/13/14

London: Three British men plotted to behead member of public, inspired by ISIS – 11/20/14

UK “facing biggest terrorism threat in its history” – 11/27/14

Afghanistan: Suicide car bomber kills 11 police, soldiers, wounds 20 civilians – 11/1/14

Afghanistan: Bomber kills 45, wounds 60 at volleyball tournament – 11/23/14

Health and Medical Breakthroughs

Cancer breakthrough: Fat is cause of half a million cancers a year, WHO agency says – 11/25/14

3-D printed organs are underway now – 11/4/14

Stem Cell treatment for Parkinson’s – breakthrough in Sweden – 11/7/14

Prostate cancer breakthrough: New molecular treatment could halt the spread of prostate cancer – 11/10/14

Schizophrenia: New research offers hope, shows it is 8 different diseases, not just one – 11/11/14

Alzheimer’s: Constant anxiety and stress increases risk, study shows – 11/14/14

Gene therapy researchers announce cure for 18 “Bubble Baby” patients. All 18 babies cured with no side effects (UCLA) – 11/18/14

Brain cancer: Cannabis extract can have a dramatic effect on brain cancer – 11/17/14

Researchers discover “pre-cancers” in blood, opens new frontier on early detection – 11/29/14

Heart disease breakthrough: Protein structure holds key to heart muscle disease – 11/29/14

Earthquakes/Extreme Weather/ Mega Storms

A swarm of 300 earthquakes underground in Nevada – 11/8/14

Indonesia: 7.3 magnitude earthquake, tsunami warning issued – 11/14/14

New Zealand: 6.7 mag earthquake – 11/16/14

Japan: Strong 6.8 mag earthquake shakes Nagano area – 11/22/14

New York: Polar Vortex blasted 200 million people in northern US – 11/7/14

Buffalo, New York: 8 dead in severe snow storm – 11/20/14

NOAA report: 2014 was the hottest year on record – 11/30/14

Celebrity/ Sports Scandals/ College Scandals

Celebrity sex scandal: 30 women come forward, accuse superstar Bill Cosby of drugging and raping them over 4 decades. Cosby refuses comment, calling the claims “innuendo” – 11/14/14

Supermodel Janice Dickinson accuses Bill Cosby of raping her – 11/18/14

Ex-NBC employee Frank Scotti claims he helped Bill Cosby pay off women for 8 years, kept 20 year-old receipts as proof – 11/23/14

Press scandal: Members of press, including Bill Cosby biographer, issue mea culpas, admit botching Cosby coverage over many years – 11/25/14

U Mass Amherst, Temple and other universities cut ties with Bill Cosby after rape allegations emerge – 11/6/14

NFL scandal: Adrian Peterson suspended for remainder of 2014 season due to domestic abuse – 11/18/14

Reality star Ryan Knight of “Real World: New Orleans” dies at 28 – 11/28/14

Andy Dick arrested on grand theft charges – 11/8/14

University of Virginia suspends fraternities after shocking report of gang rape in Rolling Stone – 11/22/14

GM Airbag Scandal: 303 deaths from faulty airbags, more evidence of GM coverup – 11/2014

Year of the Woman

Shelley Moore Capito wins West Virginia Senate in landmark election – 11/4/14

President Obama nominates Loretta Lynch, US attorney in Brooklyn, to replace Eric H. Holder Jr. as attorney general. She is the first black woman to hold the post – 11/7/14
Italy’s first female astronaut Samantha Christoforetti blasts off to international space station – 11/23/14
IN DECEMBER 2014 (a new record)
(All predicted on 1/6/14 Beyond the Gate)

Government, Political and Military Scandals

Texas leading 24 States suing the Obama Administration over his executive actions on Immigration – 12/11/14

House Republicans challenge Obama’s executive actions, file lawsuit over ObamaCare – 11/21/14

Oracle slaps Oregon with lawsuit over troubled ObamaCare website – 12/1/14

Obama advisor Gruber admitted ObamaCare “might not be affordable” while he was writing the bill with the White House – 12/31/14

CIA report: CIA misled Americans after 9/11 – 12/9/14

Military scandal: 12 Navy sailors implicated in filming female officers showering; investigation underway – 12/4/14

IRS and DOJ scandal: Justice Department involved in IRS targeting - 800 emails reveal conspiracy to target conservatives – 12/10/14

New York Congressman Grimm pleads guilty to federal tax evasion, wire fraud and perjury (Rep. Grimm later resigned) – 12/23/14

Federal government recognizes same-sex marriages in six more states (total of 32 states) – (Predicted on Art Bell Coast to Coast AM, 2/2/99) – 10/25/14

Economy/ Financial Fraud/ Scandals/ Cyber Attacks

New York Deutsche Bank charged with tax fraud to avoid $190 Million in taxes – 12/8/14

70% of US industries added jobs in November 2014 – 12/5/14

“SONY-POCALYPSE”: Sony cyberhack was worst ever. Sony employees’ families threatened: “Your families are in danger.” (FBI determined North Korea was responsible) – 12/4/14

Sony cyberattack was the most damaging corporate hack in history, called “an act of war” by FBI – 12/16/14

Sony hackers expose celebrity aliases, salaries, scripts, contracts, and personal info (all leaked online) - North Korea responsible – 12/9/14

Sony PlayStation Network taken down by hackers again: Lizard Squad claims responsibility. Also hacked Xbox Live last week – 12/8/14

Christmas Day hack: Sony PlayStation and Xbox Live down again, 160 million customers affected; Lizard Squad takes credit – 12/25/14

Update Sony: 3 Sony workers sue Sony over data breach in class action lawsuit – 12/18/14

North Korea deep into cyber warfare, defector says – “Bureau 121 Agency” has 1,800 cyberwarriors – 12/18/14

North Korea’s internet appears to be under mass cyberattack, possibly by US – 12/22/14

Government hacks and security breaches skyrocket - “Espionage is happening at a rate we have never seen before,” said Denise Zheng – 12/19/14

Iran hackers targeting US energy, defense firms, FBI warns – 12/12/14

Russian Ruble falls to new record lows, falls 57% in value since January, lost $150 Billion in 4 months…Economy “in collapse”  - 12/16/14

DOW plunges 315 points to end worst week in 3 years – 12/12/14

Stock Market volatility returns with a vengeance in second half of 2014 – 12/12/14

DOW up +421 in largest 2-day rise in six years – 12/18/14

Hackers with Wall Street expertise stole merger and acquisition information from more than 80 companies for a year. Called “new wave of insider trading” – 12/1/14

Bebe Clothing store hacked, exposes payment card info – 12/5/14

Staples hack exposes 1.2 million credit cards in 115 of chain’s office supply stores – 12/19/14
JFK Airport gun bust: 4 arrested in one of biggest security breaches in years. Feds bust Delta Airlines gun-smuggling ring. 153 firearms, many loaded, were smuggled in 20 Delta flights between
Atlanta and New York City – 12/22/14

Wells Fargo Bank fined for anti-money laundering failures -12/18/14

Terrorism, Lone Wolf Terror Attacks, School Shootings, Riots

New York: police kill intruder who stabbed student in NY synagogue – 12/9/14

New York City: 2 NYPD Police killed in ambush in Brooklyn. Suspect boasted about “revenge killing of cops” - also killed girlfriend in Maryland, then himself – 12/20/14

New York: NYPD facing a wave of violent threats against officers. 8 arrested in 5 days – 12/25/14

New York City: 40 separate threats made against NYC police in 3 days, since Brooklyn cop killings – 12/24/14

Los Angeles, California: 3 wounded in triple shooting in Beverlywood; suspect at large – 12/17/14

Los Angeles, CA: 2 men open fire on LA police patrol car – 12/29/14

Florida: 9 shot in drive-by at Miami basketball court – 12/23/14

Florida: Manhunt in Tampa following triple murder – 12/5/14

Florida: Police officer killed, Tampa shooter in custody – 12/21/14

Chicago: Multiple victims stabbed on train from Chicago to Michigan – 12/4/14

Virginia: Man shoots 3 in Manassas – 12/20/14

Portland, Oregon: 4 students shot at a high school – 12/12/14

West Virginia: Shooting spree leaves four dead, including gunman – 12/1/14

West Virginia: 5 dead in shooting rampage – 12/2/14

Texas man indicted for plot to blow up Muslim holy sites in Jerusalem – 12/9/14

Texas: 4 dead in Crowley, Texas home – 12/28/14

Atlanta, Georgia: 2 police officers shot, causing gun battle, lengthy manhunt – 12/12/14

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: 6 killed in shooting spree – 12/15/14

Philadelphia, PA: Man tries to run down police in Upper Darby; they shoot and kill him – 12/30/14

Washington, DC: 5 stabbed at bar on Pennsylvania Avenue – 12/27/14

Tennessee: FBI warns of ISIS plot to bomb Memphis-Arkansas bridge – 12/22/14

Louisiana mall: 1 dead after shooting – 12/24/14

France arrests 10 people in jihadist network who sent fighter planes to Syria – 12/15/14
France: 5 terror attacks thwarted, 13 networks broken – 12/17/14

France: 11 people injured in Eastern France (Dijon) after man drives into crowd shouting Islamic slogans – 12/21/14

France: Police suspect terror in knife attack on 2 officers. Man shouted “Allahu Akbar” – 12/21/14

France: Third attack in 2 days - 10 injured as attacker rams van into French Christmas market, then stabs himself. Prime Minister Valls: “We have never known such serious danger where terrorism
is concerned.” – 12/22/14

Canada: Officers shoot Canadian man on US border waving handgun – 12/21/14

Russia: Militants attack police post in Chechnya, 19 dead – 12/4/14

Yemen: Explosion rocks US Yemeni military base – Al Qaeda militants targeted base in retaliation – 12/10/14

Yemen: 2 car bombs kill 31 people, including 20 children – 12/16/14

Yemen: Al Qaeda kills 2 Western hostages during SEALS raid – 12/6/14

Kenya: Islamist rebels kill 36 workers, Al Shabaab responsible – 12/2/14

Africa: Militants attack African Union base in Somali capital, 9 dead – 12/29/14

Pakistan: Taliban kills 148, mostly children, in school – 12/16/14

Pakistan: 77 militants killed following school slaughter – 12/16/14

Pakistan: Family slaughtered in honor killing – 12/10/14

Pakistan plans to execute 500 militants – 12/22/14

Afghanistan: Multiple Taliban attacks kill 20 – 12/13/14

Afghanistan: Taliban attackers kill 3 South Africans in Kabul – 12/1/14

Nigeria: Boko Haram kidnaps 185 women and children, kills 32 – 12/18/14

Nigeria: Bombing kills 27 at bus station as Boko Haram storms another town – 12/22/14

Nigeria: 15 killed in Boko Haram raid – 12/31/14

Iraq: US kills 3 ISIS leaders in air strikes – 12/18/14

Iraq: Suicide attack at funeral near Baghdad kills 15, wounds 26 – 12/19/14
Iraq: ISIS claims suicide bombing that killed 38 – 12/26/14

India: Tribal guerrillas kill 54 in wave of attacks in Northeast India – 12/23/14

UK and US: Al Qaeda magazine calls for lone wolf terrorists to blow up Easy Jet and British Airways planes using bombs made in their kitchens. American Airlines, Delta and United also targeted –

Health and Medical Breakthroughs

Spinal cord injury: Scientists herald breakthrough treatment in reversing spinal damage – 12/4/14

Weight loss breakthrough: London research study claims “feel full” chemical could be the future of weight loss. – 12/11/14

Heart Disease breakthrough: Novartis heart failure drug provides many benefits – 11/18/14

Alzheimer’s study: Smokers have a 45% higher risk of developing dementia than non-smokers – 10/2/14

Alzheimer’s: New non-invasive MRI method can detect Alzheimer’s disease early – 12/22/14

Earthquakes/ Extreme Weather/ Mega Storms

France: 5 dead, thousands evacuated in severe Southern France floods – 11/30/14

California: Fiercest storm in 5 years – “Pineapple Express” pounds California, hundreds of schools closed. Tens of thousands lost power – 12/11/14

Los Angeles, CA: Rare tornado strikes for first time in decade – 12/12/14

Southeast US: 4 dead as severe storms, tornadoes rip across Southeast from Missouri to Michigan – 12/23/14

Philippines: 53 dead in flooding and landslides caused by tropical storm Jangmi. 132,000 evacuated – 12/31/14

2014 was warmest year ever, breaking three records – 12/27/14

Malaysia and Thailand: Epic flooding, landslides – 12/17/14

Celebrity/ Sports/ College/ and Church Scandals

Mafia boss Gambino arrested in New York, 8 arrested in $1 million dollar black mail scheme – 12/12/14

Scientists tally up all of Dr. Oz Show advice. Half of it found to be baseless or wrong – 12/17/14

NFL Superstar Darren Sharper indicted, faces life in prison with no parole for drugging and raping eleven women – 12/12/14

Rabbi Freundel, 63, secretly tapes at least 150 women in ritual bath in a synagogue in Georgetown, Washington DC – 11/2014

Chinese campus brothel gave students discount for sex; run by the university president – 10/27/14

Year of the Woman

Church of England finally officially welcomes female bishops – 12/15/14

Hillary Clinton tops Oprah on Most Admired Woman List 2014 (Gallup Poll) – 12/29/14

Singer Taylor Swift has bestselling album of 2014 – “1989” sold 3.6 million copies, beating “Frozen” soundtrack – 12/31/14
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