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Is your home Haunted? Do you have a problem with Nasty Spirits?  Demonic
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The amazing book above, "The Bible: The
Truth about Psychics & Spiritual Gifts"
, written
Bible Teacher Kevin Schoeppel and his
extensive research proves that being a
psychic, medium, healer, etc. Is NOT the work
of the devil, but are true gifts given by God.  A
breakthrough book! Please visit Kevin's
website below:
Bishop James Long
Johnny Zaffis
St. Michael's Call
Solving Psychic Attack
Shadows of the Dark
For more books and
DVD's go to John's
website to the left.
"Through the Eyes of an Exorcist"
The Demonologist
By Ed & Lorraine Warren
Uncle & Aunt of John Zaffis
Amazing Book!
If you are a Christian or practice some religion and were told that being Psychic, a Medium,
a Healer, etc. Is the work of the Devil, wrong!  Read Kelvin's book to the right and check out
his website. He is a bible researcher and has proved by researching the Bible that these
abilities are gifts from God. It says so right in the Bible. Kevin has done the research for
you. I read it. Highly recommended!
The Bible: The Truth about
Psychics & Spiritual Gifts
Kevin Schoeppel
Bible Scholar
Contact Cheryl at: 484-221-9620
Visit her website:
Lauren Porter
Psychic and Mediums
Terry and Linda Jamison
"The Psychic Twins"
Psychic Intelligence is also
available in Kindle, Paperback
and Hardcover.
Jill Dahne Radio Host &
World #1 Love Psychic
Her radio show "the Love Psychic" is a smash hit in the South Florida marketplace. As the psychic to
the Stars, Jill has worked with many famous personalities, including the Presley family.
Jill's accuracy as a Clairvoyant has made her a premier psychic, sought out from
all corners of the globe.
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Psychic Shaman Rai is a medium, medical intuitive and healer.  He also channels messages from the
Beings of Light, Ascended Masters and Archangels.
Shaman Rai is clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, and empathic.  He receives messages through
sight, hearing, intuition and experiencing them in his own body.
His psychic ability allows him to see into the past, present and future.  He provides information about
those who are alive or deceased.
He can see the condition of the body and identify the underlying physical or emotional issues.  As
appropriate, he brings in Divine energies to initiate a physical, emotional or spiritual healing process.
Shaman Rai has a Ph.D. in psychology and a doctorate in naturopathy.  He is certified in Reiki,
Integrated Energy Therapy and hypnosis.  He is also a Kriyaban with the Self-Realization Fellowship
which was established by his Guru, Paramahansa Yogananda.
Shaman Rai applies his broad range of knowledge and experience in his work.
Medium Shaman Rai
Need a Healing or reading?
The Psychic Twins New book is now
available on Amazon Kindle!  Click
on the image below to get it: