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If you are unsure about the Time Difference between you and David for the reading
and want to ensure that when he calls you it is the exact correct time and not to early
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The information contained in this web site is designed to provide you with entertainment and
metaphysical insight into many various areas. It is not intended to replace any type of therapy,
counseling, diagnosis, treatment or cure for anything you may be seeking a remedy for. You
should always consult a Professional such as a Lawyer, Doctor, Psychologist for any Medical
or Legal advice.

David is not responsible for any actions you take on behalf of the reading you receive whether
positive or negative, it is your responsibility to make common sense choices and always
consult licensed professionals.

Many areas of the psychic realm are still experimental and nothing can be guaranteed as free
will always takes precedence. Any advice, conversation or information that you receive from
this web site or me personally is strictly open to your own personal interpretation, which
others may disagree with. Being open minded and skeptical even is a healthy way to begin
your new journey.

Once you Choose to explore the website and purchase a reading you automatically accept
these terms and agreements and release David M. Baker from any and all

This site is solely for entertainment purposes only. Must be 18 years of age or older. reserves the right to verify age before commencing with any readings

All Readings are kept strictly confidential.  David does not divulge or share your information
with anyone for any reason.
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