David is a Psychic
Medium, published
author and radio host.
The connection to your loved ones in spirit is never broken,
as like your soul, love is eternal.
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In The Spirit Garden, David Baker carries you through his rough and unusual life of psychic experiences and failure to
understand them.  Faced with an amazing world of auras, ghosts, angels and spirits, Baker is still unable to ignore a
fear that there is something severely wrong with him.

From an elevated existence the seer crashes down to a loss of everything.  From that point, about to give up, a vision
comes that and saves his life and forces him in a new direction.  Now inspired by spirit and held together by faith,
Baker slowly begins to take his life back in this touching and inspiring true story.

David Baker is a Psychic Medium who makes contact with spirit guides, angels and deceased loved ones.  He passes
messages of love, forgiveness  and healing through his extraordinary gift.

The Spirit Garden is also available from Barns and Nobel and most booksellers worldwide.
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David's Book
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David is not responsible for any actions you take on behalf of the reading you receive whether
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Many areas of the psychic realm are still experimental and nothing can be guaranteed as free
will always takes precedence. Any advice, conversation or information that you receive from
this web site or me personally is strictly open to your own personal interpretation, which
others may disagree with. Being open minded and skeptical even is a healthy way to begin
your new journey.

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Medium David B.
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I am just the messenger.  I make the connection
with my abilities to "Spirit" with these

Key: Love
Key: Trust
Key: Knowing.

I don't believe, I KNOW.

We are all connected to the Divine-we are all one,
therefore we are all parts of the Divine Spark.
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